Trae Young confident in his leadership, Michael Porter wants to be “best player in the country”

Olivia Prewitt Photo

Olivia Prewitt Photo

Two of Kentucky’s top recruiting targets in the 2017 class are Trae Young and Michael Porter. Both played in Indianapolis last weekend and intern Olivia Prewitt had a chance to pose a few questions to each player.

Enjoy their insights:


What are some things you did in the off season to prepare for these Nike EYBL sessions?
“I did a lot of stuff off of the court; a log of yoga classes, a lot of Pilates, to stay in shape and get flexible. I did a lot of things in the weight room. And a lot of ball handling on the court, just to be prepared for this season. It’s all paying off well so far.”

What are you looking to contribute to your team?
“Just being the biggest leader I can. Being the point guard I’m expected to be a big leader- you have to be. You gotta lead your team to winning, and as a point guard that’s what you have to do. So far I’m doing that and I just have to keep it going.”

What do you think you’re bringing to the table to you transition to the next level?
“The ability to lead my team, and communicate is something I feel I do really well. My shooting ability, being able to space out the defense, lead my team, be able to talk and communicate are all also things I do really well.”

With all the pressures that come along with being a top prospect, how do you keep focused?
“Keeping a tight circle and creating strong relationships with teammates. I have really great teammates I mean, everyone knows Michael Porter, we have a ton of great players, and having a lot of good players to surround yourself with helps you.”


Every player here knows how important is to compete, what keeps you motivated?
“I’m not ever content. I know I’m not the best yet and I’m just trying to make it to the same level Kevin Durant, Kobe, Lebron, and those guys are so I can’t be content.”

How do you feel about your performance so far this in the Nike EYBL sessions?
“I’ve been doing alright, but not my best. I could do a lot better.”

Talk about energy, how do you prepare your self for these games each weekend?
“Really just I feel like I’ve always got something to prove. I’m trying to prove I’m the best player in the country so each and every game I gotta come out acting like that.”

What expectations do you have for yourself to carry out this season?
“My goal is just to be one of the best players that ever played. I know that’s a big goal but you have to have big goals to do big things.”

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  1. Two wonderful players, described by one word each…CONTROL & CONFIDENCE ! ” I’m sure you know which is for each.” Cats ! Cats ! Cats ! …… Ulis/Murray, possible voids filled ?

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