Timmons, Badet play way Stoops hopes they will next season

Jeff Badet, right, made plays coach Mark Stoops liked Saturday. (Vicky Graff Photo)

Jeff Badet, right, made plays coach Mark Stoops liked Saturday. (Vicky Graff Photo)


Two receivers — Ryan Timmons and Jeff Badet — who failed to match the expectations they had for themselves last year both showed in Saturday’s Blue-White Game that they can still be playmakers.

“We need him to,” Kentucky coach Mark Stoops said about Timmons. “He’s just been solid. He’s fundamentally getting better and better each day. Ryan, through the course of this spring and that, it was good to see him do it on the field today, in a game situation. Because Ryan’s really done some good things.

“Now you’re getting some guys that are seniors that are starting to make some plays that have some experience and they also have the talent and that’s what we need.”

He’ll also likely get the chance to return punts, something he was superb doing in high school. Stoops said Timmons is the No. 1 punt returner coming out of spring practice.

“We’ll continue to work guys and have a lot of options there, but, yeah, I mean as long as Ryan keeps on producing and doing the right things, then he’ll have that opportunity. I have a lot of confidence in Ryan, and I said that going into, as I mentioned before, I think that I know I’ve said it before, but I still believe in him and I think he’s going to have a big year,” Stoops said.

Badet had an 85-yard touchdown catch that showed off his explosive speed.

“It was really good right there because we were sputtering a little bit, if I remember right, but that was a good drive starter. And getting him the ball and in some space and then letting him do his thing, because he can run as we all know, and it’s been really nice to see,” Stoops said.

“Jeff has had by far his best spring and by far the most consistent 15 days of practice in really five weeks if you count the off days and really doing things right. That was good to see.”

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  1. I liked the way both of these guys looked Saturday. Timmons had a spring in his step Saturday that he did not have last year. Whatever the problem was, he apparently realizes that this is his last shot of making it to the next level and has kicked it up a notch. Maybe he can keep his head screwed on right for the rest of the year.

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