Stoops, Gran blast offense for “lack of juice”


First, the good news about today’s Kentucky scrimmage.

Head coach Mark Stoops saw improvement defensively.

“Certainly the defense came out with more energy,” Stoops said.

Now the bad news. What about the offense?

“I was disappointed for the first time all spring with just the mentality of our offense. I don’t know if it’s cold out here, windy, but it’s not excuse. Just was not up to par. I was pleased they did some situations very well. We did quite a bit of situational work in third downs. We did some third-and-shorts, we did some goal-line and we did some two-minute, and they executed in some situations well,” Stoops said.

“But overall it just was not good enough offensively. Defensively I’ll have to see the tape, whether it was defensively making big gains or just the offense not executing and playing very well. So, I don’t want to take anything away defensively, because I thought we did have good juice, good energy and made some improvement in our run defense, which we needed to see and we saw that today.

“But overall, just in my opinion, just not good enough. It didn’t feel good enough, it didn’t feel like we had the right passion and energy out here. That was the first time all spring. It’s not good enough and not acceptable, and we’ll continue to push them.”

If you think there’s a chance Stoops was just being a bit harsh about the offense, give offensive Eddie Gran a look.

“It was absolutely awful. There was no juice. That’s coaches’ fault. That’s everybody on our side of the ball: You’ve got to get them ready to come out. We’ve had 10 practices in a row where we’ve had a lot of juice and enthusiasm. I talked about that on Thursday,” Gran said.

“D.J. (Eliot) talked about that, the enthusiasm coming out. You’ve got to come out and you’ve got to be ready to play. Coach talked about growing, growing and maturing, and we didn’t do that. It was awful. We lost up front. We didn’t convert. We were off targets on throws. Just it wasn’t good. I didn’t have them ready to go and it has to be fixed.”

Wait. There’s more.

“There’s no excuse for that. It shouldn’t have happened today. Not on a scrimmage. Not in the stadium. That should not have happened,” Gran said.

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  1. Don’t think we have the luxury of complacency. Light em up Coach.

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