Shannon Dawson could influence UK offense for several years


Shannon Dawson spent only one year as Kentucky’s offensive coordinator, but he could have a major impact on UK football for several years.

Florida junior quarterback Mac Jones verbally committed to UK before last season in large part because of Dawson, who is now the offensive coordinator at Southern Mississippi. Dawson had first noticed Jones’ potential when he was coaching at West Virginia.

Now Jones has blown up to a four-star recruit. He was named MVP of the Rivals Quarterback Challenge Camp in Baltimore recently and continues to pile up scholarship offers.

“He saw me my freshman year. Then when he moved up to the SEC, he still reached out to me,” Jones said. “To me, that meant he wanted me to be his quarterback. He knew I had the heart to play, but he was one of the few it did not bother that I was little and did not slow him down from giving me a scholarship offer. He did that just a few months after he got to Kentucky. I respect him for making the rest of the Kentucky staff see in me what he had seen in me.”

He’s not wavered in his commitment to UK despite the scholarship offers and has done all he can to help bring more players to Kentucky.

“I have been talking to recruits and putting them in a group chat on Twitter. Who we want to commit we put in that group chat and try to convince them to commit,” Jones said. “I put Tyrell Ajian in the group chat and a week later he committed. I plan to keep doing that, too.”


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  1. Dawson was a good coach that got the shaft IMO. If Jones signs we can thank Dawson. Dawson got hired quick and UK will see him again soon, across the great divide, when Southern Miss comes calling in Sept..

    1. Time will tell if he is a good coach. I didn’t see anything of much except a frustrated offense and QB’s with poor mechanics.

      1. Jay Hopson thought so and hired him quickly at Southern Mississippi. Read Dawson’s resume Andy. He put good offenses on the field at places he coached. One year was not enough time for anybody. Stoops was singing his praises when he hired him, and gave Dawson a vote of confidence after the UofL loss. A big problem last year was Stoops’s own defense. Who was held accountable on that side of the ball?

  2. I don’t quite see the connection of how Dawson could influence our offense for several years. He didn’t show that much creativity. If he comes in here and beats us the first game the you know what will hit the fan big time.

    1. Mike, I was referring to fact that if Jones signs with UK, it will all be due to Dawson’s recruiting

  3. Looks like Jones may be a great addition.

    With regards to Dawson… my mother taught me “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all”. Think I’ll listen to her this time.

  4. Shannon Dawson was just a place holder until Stoops could get the guy he wanted. Sometimes you get the bear and sometimes the bear gets you. But one thing is as certain as KY colors are Blue and white – one day the wheels will turn and the shoe will be on the other foot for Stoops and Dawson.

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