Mitchell tries to explain turmoil; Kyvin-Goodin Rogers, Anthony Epps share thoughts

Epps shoots 2By LARRY VAUGHT

Give Kentucky women’s coach Matthew Mitchell credit for trying to explain all the turmoil in his program Thursday. He went on Kentucky Sports Radio, did an interview with Jen Smith of the Lexington  Herald-Leader and held a 45-minute press conference.

Of course, when six players leave in less than nine months, two coaches quit, one coach is not rehired and two recruits de-commit, it is time to do some explaining.

Mitchell said there was not a general them to the turnover.

“What would be so great is if you could answer that in one sentence. I don’t know if it is satisfactory to people, but I just have to be honest with you every situation is personal and different. The dismissal was for one reason. Morgan Rich’s departure was different than Linnae Haper’s and different than Kyvin Goodin-Rogers’,” Mitchell said.

“I understand that that might be hard to believe or that people would like for that to be more simply put. The reason that Ivana (Jakubcova) wanted to leave was different than the reason that Batouly (Camara) wanted to leave. And what I have to do is make sure that I communicate at the highest level possible in the recruiting process, while they’re here.

“That takes me – right now what I need to do is I need to do build out a staff that is going to show a sign of stability to our kids, is going to be able to help me deliver that message and help me improve. That is what we have to do right now and I’m optimistic that we’re going to be able to get that done.”

After his press conference, I reached out to Goodin-Rogers, a former Marion County star, and Anthony Epps, the father of UK star Makayla Epps, for their insights. Goodin-Rogers talked about her departure from UK for the first time and while Anthony Epps has plenty of questions, he also still supports Mitchell. Read their insights at:


  1. Great summary; but, this is way beyond a “few” things going wrong. If he needs management classes (and it appears he does), then UK needs to insure he gets help. Coach Mitchell has a great personality but that doesn’t make you a good manager of people. I do hope someone helps him out.

    I would hope that UK would have an exit conference with every coach leaving – and, one with every student leaving. Almost every large company does that for anyone who leaves. It is confidential but gives you some great answers.

    1. Great points Sarah from a great UK fan

  2. Looks like MM getting a pass on this situation from his boss. Guess it does pay to have a few friends in the right places. I am wondering how some other AD’s might handle same issue.

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