Kyle Wiltjer: “I could literally go on and on about just how great the Big Blue Nation is.”

Kyle Wilter, right, with Jarrod  Polson and UK fan Jami Young in Pikeville.

Kyle Wilter, right, with Jarrod Polson and UK fan Jami Young in Pikeville.

By JAMI  YOUNG, Contributor

PIKEVILLE — There is a saying: “Life takes you to unexpected places, but love will always bring you home.”

That is the saying I would use to sum up the feeling of Kyle Wiltjer retuning to the Bluegrass State.

The following is my interview with Kyle Wiltjer in Pikeville on Monday.

Question: What is your greatest memory while attending Kentucky?
Kyle: “My greatest memory was winning the championship. That was probably the best experience I’ve had in basketball and then coming back to Kentucky when we won it was awesome.”

Question: If you were limited to five words to describe the Big Blue Nation, what five words would you use?
Kyle: “Crazy, supportive, amazing. I could literally go on and on about just how great the Big Blue Nation is.”

Question: I read an article which quoted Mark Few was saying “Playing at Kentucky, I think gives him a little bit of swag that he brings.” In your own words, what would you consider to the be the “swag” you brought to Gonzaga?
Kyle: “You know just this confidence. I played here with some really good players and so when I moved I took that confidence with me, knowing that I could play against the best.”

Question: What was your first impression of the University of Kentucky?
Kyle: “It was amazing when I first stepped on campus. People knew who we were. It was just really cool. I was just a high school kid, not too long ago before that and just coming to a bigger school and having everyone recognize you was a crazy feeling.”

Question: What are your future plans?
Kyle: “My future plans in the next couple of months are I will be working out for the NBA Draft and so I’m going to do everything I can to play well in front of some NBA teams and hopefully be put on a team.”

Question: Now there’s a question Big Blue Nation has been wanting an answer to for a couple of years. Do you identify more with the Geek Squad, Team No Sleep or the White Boy Academy?
Kyle: “Probably Team No Sleep. I mean, you would think the White Boy Academy because I hang out with Jarrod a lot. With the Team No Sleep, we are always staying up late doing stupid things.”

Question: There is a saying that goes “Once a wildcat, always a Wildcat.” Do you think the statement is true and why?
Kyle: “I think it’s true because this fan base really supports you. I obviously thought I was a better fit somewhere else. I come back and they still support me and still are excited to see me, so that just really shows once you are a part of this family you aren’t going anywhere.”

Webster’s Dictionary defines class act as a person or thing displaying impressive and stylish excellence. Believe me when I tell you, both Kyle and Pro Player Solutions, the company who is conducting Kyle’s signings, both fit the definition of class act.

If anyone has the opportunity to attend one of Kyle Wiltjer’s autograph signings I would recommend you do so.

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