Guest post: Fan says no one can replace Tyler Ulis in her heart

Tyler Ulis (Vicky Graff Photo)

Tyler Ulis (Vicky Graff Photo)


This one hurts. Grew to love this kid, Tyler Ulis. He is so very special, so much heart and talent … loved a lot of them before him for different reasons but this one surpasses all of them. KAT, AD, MKG and Wall in that order for me with
Tyler #1.

I don’t think I have ever seen so much basketball IQ and talent in one player before. I watched Lil Louie and Pistol Pete, saw Magic and of course, John Wall.  There are not enough words to describe what Tyler has meant to this program nor what he projects with his eyes, his sense of what is happening around him and how he controls the play with his intelligence and instinct for making everyone better and doing so much for his team.

Cal often said Tyler was coaching the team while he was on the floor, I think he was doing a lot of it on the bench too.  Keep on buzzing little bug, do your thing(s) you do so well …. Absolutely freaking amazing.

All that being said, I have not gotten tears in my eyes for a long time about basketball, it is what it is and we have no
choice but to accept the way it is with Cal at UK. I’m not going to say I would not change it because I would but to see the players he brings to us twice a week during the basketball season is simply unheard of and amazing.

I am always sad when the end of the season approaches and feel a little discombobulated when the season is over and wonder how I am going to fill my nights twice a week when it is all over. I wonder how I can get so wrapped up in that little round ball, those awful baggy pants and boys young enough to be my grandchildren and maybe even my great-grandchildren. Please tell me I am not that old.

With the exit of Tyler I can truthfully say I have had a tear or two in my eyes. To see that talent in that package is truly a wonder of nature and we will never see anything like that again in our lifetime. I don’t care what Cal says about another PG coming into the program for the next year, no one could be that smart and that talented.

I have called him the bug ever since I first saw him play. His defense and relentlessness buzzing around opposing players and made so many completely forget what they were on the floor to do. If I could wrap that young man up and keep him in Lexington 2 more years I would…I know I am not the only fan who would love to see him stay, but like Boogie, Wall, CAT, AD and MKG I’ll keep up with him via cyberspace and hopefully he will come back to Lexington to visit once in a while.

Good luck, to him, best wishes to him, stay safe young Tyler and may the force go with you, The Big Blue Force.


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  1. Linda, I always enjoy your articles & the comments that you post. Like the Evil Twin Sister my Evil Twin Brother almost exploded when Yogi’s mother acted up. Agree 100% with your comments about Tyler. He was a special Wildcat. One of the reasons that BBN is so special.

    1. Thank you very much, have not been commenting much or writing much but I hope to remedy that. I really do appreciate your compliment!

  2. BTW Yogi’s mother really needed turtoring in photoshop! LOL I am so glad she failed

  3. Great Read… Thank You Linda

  4. Great article Linda. And yes… Tyler is absolutely amazing. His “can do” attitude has served as inspiration for this old fan more than a few times.

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