Gran likes way that Drew Barker is not panicking

Vicky Graff Photo

Vicky Graff Photo


Offensive coordinator Eddie Gran senses that sophomore quarterback Drew Barker is more comfortable in the pocket daily.

“He’s stepping up; he’s not panicking,” said Gran.

He likes the way Barker is progressing with his checks in the red zone.

“I think he’s got a chance to be a really good quarterback in this league. I really do, because he wants to be great. He’s really locked into what we’re doing. He’s trying to be a sponge; he’s trying to do everything right. It’s frustrating for him when he doesn’t. But that’s what you want your quarterback to do and I think he’s being a leader at the same time,” Gran said.

“He didn’t play much last year. So I think when you see him now and you see him in a couple years, you’re going to see a really, really good quarterback, a guy that can lead this team. So he’s getting pushed by Stephen (Johnson), which is a great thing. And Stephen’s made some strides, too. It’s really good to see that those guys are competing.”

Gran has been searching for leaders on offense. He believes Barker has the leadership skills the offense needs.

“He’s a guy that’s been even keeled, consistent. They know he’s working at it. They know what he’s doing on and off the field and he’s doing everything right as a quarterback should,” Gran said.

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