George Asfao-Adjei’s strength helps UK more at guard


Offensive coordinator Eddie Gran is glad George Asfao-Adjei played tackle as a true freshman in Kentucky’s offensive line but knows having to learn a new offense again this spring was not easy on him.

“You have to step back and you have to go forward. I think moving from inside to guard was huge. I think he can be somebody that can be really, really good for us at that position. I think it will help George, too. Then later on down the road, it might help him that he played some tackle. So I think that’s good for him, too, in the future,” Gran said.

So why move him to guard now?

“I think just because of the space part of it in there, when you’re in guard and you get help from that center and tackle. I think he’s better in that little smaller box than he is out on the edge,” Gran said. “Those are tough. Not that George isn’t a big guy, but you like maybe the longer arms, taller guys out there at the tackle position. I just think he feels more comfortable inside.”

He’s known as “Big George” for a reason.

“He’s nasty, his punch. That’s where you want to move it. You want the 300-, 320-pounder guys inside. You want the longer guys outside. That’s what you would really like in terms of what you’re gonna be facing in this league,” Gran said.


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    Looks like Towles didn’t have a great Spring game.

    1. What does that have to do with this article? So what???

      1. Gosh friend… feeling cranky these days?

        Faith LP. We need to keep the faith and believe.

        GO CATS!!

        1. Hey Norman you always bring a spark of football hope to this blog. Thanks for the encouragement. You have nough faith for all of us. Just would like to see Towles do well, that’s all. The kid would have had 4 OC’s if he had stayed at UK if I’m right. First Sanders, then Brown, Dawson, and now Gran. Little to much for nay kid to thrive and that is why he left IMO. Always starting over, etc after winning the job in 2015. I thought Dawson got a raw deal too, as well as Phillips, so I’ve kinda soured on Stoops over all that. But Hey, it;s his team, he can do as he pleases. I hope they get it done, I really do but I don’t think so with the upcoming schedule they face. Some good coaches just left too in Buh and the young coach that went to Alabama. They do have more talent, but we’ll see. I have heard all the talk for years. My optimism has faded I will admit. Football at UK is eternally a big disappointment. The 2015 Louisville loss I still ain’t over. You are a good man Norman, it is not life or death. God bless…

          1. I hear ya Brother. All is good. Take care of yourself and God Bless.

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