During games Darrin Hinshaw is “crazy man” in the pressbox

Darin Hinshaw (Vicky Graff Photo)

Darin Hinshaw says he is a “crazy man” on game day. (Vicky Graff Photo)


Since arriving at Kentucky, new quarterbacks coach Darrin Hinshaw has been poised and calm with the media. However, he says not to expect that from him on game day.

“I’m a little crazy on Saturdays. I’m in the (press) box; I see everything. So sometimes I get a little loud, need to calm down as much as I can to remain calm in the box. It’s like a caged tiger. You can’t do anything,” Hinshaw said. “But we have a great relationship and Coach Gran is extremely calm as a play caller. That’s all he focuses on and then we fix what we have to in between plays.

“We come up with the next series. We have a great relationship, how we handle those situations. And again, he does a great job of calling plays and remaining calm. And I get very excited during the plays at times, but we work really good together in that situation.”

Hinshaw says it helps that offensive coordinator Eddie Gran stays calm on the sideline with players.

“If you’re crazy and you feel like you’re out of control, then your kids are going to be that way. He’s calm and he’s — he’s not going to sit there and be nice to them; he’s going to coach them — he’s still going to do the things that he does, but he’s very calm and that helps our kids with confidence. He shows confidence; our kids are confident,” Hinshaw said

Calm, though, is not a word Hinshaw uses for himself.

“I’m very intense. I don’t get to play anymore. And again, I’m up in the box and I get very excited when we do well and I get very excited when we’re not doing the right things. And again, I communicate well with the players on those lines. But again, I have to calm down and make sure I stay calm, too,” Hinshaw said.

“I’ve been on the sideline before and then you change who you are. You’ve got to change who you are. On the sideline, people are seeing you, you can’t act like a crazy man. In the box, I’m in the box.”

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