Childhood dream did come true for Jamal Murray

Vicky Graff Photo

Vicky Graff Photo


Roger Murray can still remember a dream his son, Jamal, once had.

“One morning he got up and he said, ‘I had a dream,’ and he said, ‘They were calling Jamal Murray, playing for Canada.’ And it was a happy moment for him having that dream,” said Roger Murray after his son announced he was leaving UK for the NBA last week.

That dream came true at last year’s Jordan Brand Classic.

“In the Jordan Brand Classic, like oh my goodness. ‘Jamal Murray, playing for Canada’ in just the exact way,” Roger Murray said. “He grew up and his experience has taught him that if you put the work in, if you dedicate yourself, then you achieve your goals. Or you come close to. That’s what’s been happening. We’re living it for 19 years now. We’re just going at it, basically.”

Jamal Murray has become a role model for Canadian players. His high school coach, Larry Blunt, said players on his team this year followed Murray’s season at UK and were able to watch almost every game on Canadian TV.

Roger Murray was worried about how Canadian competition might not be the right preparation for his son. That’s why he transferred him to Orangeville Prep for his final high school season under Blunt.

“I made sure that whatever moves we made, it was going to better him. That’s why we went to prep school so he could travel to the states and play against guys. He just had to do his job so he could get invited to the stuff that all the good players are at and prove himself. And he’s been doing that. So with that said, I knew he was ready for this competition,” Roger Murray said.

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