Yogi Ferrell on Ulis, playing Kentucky

Q. Yogi, how much have you watched Tyler Ulis? What do you think of his game and is this a match-up that guys like you get excited about each other going against each other?
YOGI FERRELL: He’s been a great point guard all season, leading his team. They have athletic bigs, finds his shooters and he’s a great part of that team and he’s a big reason why they’ve been so successful this season.

Q. Yogi, is there any added significance to this game because it’s Kentucky, such a rival?
YOGI FERRELL: Well, we have a lot of respect for Kentucky, just, you know, the level of their play and how they’ve always played very well. So, you know, we’re not get into the rivalries so much. This is just us versus them now.

Q. Yogi, are you the type of guy that gets up for an individual match-up when you know the guy that plays your position across from you is considered one of the best in the country? Does that motivate you to equate yourself well against him?
YOGI FERRELL: I wouldn’t say so, not at all. This is a team effort, 5 on 5, it’s not 1 on 1, 5 on 1, this is 5 versus 5. I don’t get too hyped up in the match-up, go out, play the same we would have played all year, stick to our strengths, not try to do anything fancy, just try to go out there and get the win.

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  1. I say BS on Yogi.

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