What was Indiana’s defensive plan?

Vicky Graff Photo

Vicky Graff Photo

Q. Tom, talk about your defensive game plan and the execution of it, please.
TOM CREAN: Well, I think the biggest thing is we couldn’t get caught up in, you know, a Tyler Ulis/Yogi Ferrell match-up, all right? There are so many guys on their team and we have guys, too, right? The best thing for us is the versatility of our team and the way they can guard multiple players, multiple positions.

So it really wasn’t as much about the match-up. It was personnel based, what they wanted. We wanted to be big on Ulis as much as we could. We wanted to keep him out of the lane. He’s excellent with his pull-up. He’s making a more percentage of points from the foul line then the three-point line. He hit that bomb early. He’s an outstanding player. But Murray can beat you in so many different ways, Briscoe does such a great job of getting to the basket. A weekend ago, Alex Poythress went 5 for 7 at the three in Nashville. There are so many different ways they can hurt you.

So we wanted to go a good job of shrinking the floor on the ball screens, of not letting Murray get exactly where he wanted to go coming off the pin downs on the bottom, and we didn’t do a good job of denying their elbow catches which is a huge part of their offense, but we adjusted throughout the game. And that’s been the story of the last two months for us, is the way these guys have adjusted inside of the game.

The bottom line was we needed to get back in transition and keep ’em off the glass. What was the second chance points in the second half for them, was it 2?


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  1. If they aimed to knock UK off its spots it worked

  2. If this UK team played IU 3 games they would win two out of three. IU just caught UK at the right time, and Creen was long overdue for a big win. It was his turn. I didn’t like the looks of this game from the start. I didn’t like the bracket UK was placed in, and I blame the selection committee for UK’s fate. Sour grapes? Call it what you will, but the process stunk from the get go. UK a 4 seed? No way. The hell with IU!!!

    1. Pup….beg to differ with you sir. They were much more athletic, aggressive, and skilled than we were. They would win 2 out of 3. We don’t have a frontline. Believe their bench outscored ours as well….we don’t have one. Bad year at UK for player development.

    2. I disagree Larry, this is not a good matchup for UK. I think Indiana would take 3 out of 3 .

      1. U two guys would disagree with Cal himself. The way you guys trashed this team and it’s coach is pure BS, especially after a hard fought and bitter defeat against a team I despise. Some things are better left unsaid boys. U guys just can’t bring yourselves to understand these guys are not machines or robots. They were 10 down, came back down the stretch, and almost tied it all on a bad shooting day. That showed me a lot. If Jamal had been on his game it would not even have been close. He missed a lot of shots. Hey, it happens.

  3. We would have had to have been very lucky to have won that game like we were so many other times this year. You can’t beat a good IU team with a team that wasn’t fully plugged in. I didn’t expect us to be in the final 4 but did expect us to be in final 16. Grant might be right….it might be 3 of 3. We have one to man up with their Big.

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