What is it like to play for Kentucky?

Vicky Graff Photo

Vicky Graff Photo

Q. If you guys could describe a little bit what it is like to play for Kentucky. From what I understand, it’s probably every other team’s biggest game. How has that prepared you for a huge game such as this even though it’s just the second round of the tournament?
DEREK WILLIS: I mean, I feel like for our college basketball program we put up with a lot day-to-day, we deal with fans, signing autographs, taking pictures and I don’t feel like other college programs do. Also when we go to away games, it’s a Super Bowl game for them, free T-shirt day, everything. So I don’t know, I feel like we’re accustomed to it now and it’s expected when you come here.

JAMAL MURRAY: Yeah, we just gotta know that going into every game that we’re going to get a team’s best shot and the there is no different facing a very good team, we can’t let our guard down and we just government to know that this team is ready to fight tore their season and we don’t want our season to end so that’s what we’re fighting for.

MARCUS LEE: You go out and every team is giving you their best, like they said it’s their Super Bowl game and that prepares us throughout the year seeing as we go on to the tournament and everybody is playing like it’s their last game but everybody else is not used to that where we’re used to that because we get it every day.

TYLER ULIS: Like they said, we’re accustomed to the environment. Every game it’s a sell-out, white-out, black-out, and it just prepared us for this.


  1. I love the way Willis game has progressed and am glad for him. But alot of people would trade places with him, and “put up with” the autographs. I was a little disappointed with him last year. All the guys on UK’s team took time to sign for my 2 kids but Willis. He skated by and said he was to busy. OK . He needs to get over himself. Other than that though , good luck.

  2. We were Probably interrupting a tattoo session.

  3. Poythress and Skal 1-7 at the half….they both suck….glad Poy outta here this year and hope Skal follows.

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