Ulis on recruiting, Murray on bow and arrow

Jamal Murray (Vicky Graff Photo)

Jamal Murray (Vicky Graff Photo)

Q. This is a question for Tyler: At one point when you were being recruited before you chose Kentucky you were being recruited by Iowa and Fran MacCaffrey, how close were you going to Iowa before you went to Kentucky, and what’s it been like for you to be back in the state again?
TYLER ULIS: I was choosing between Iowa, Kentucky and Michigan State and one Kentucky came in I knew that is where I wanted to me. I was close with Coach McCaffrey and Coach Izzo, I wanted to go to both of those schools because they were what I had in my top three, but at the end of the day I felt like Kentucky was the best for me.

Q. When you decided to go to Chicago, what intrigued you? Was it the players that were there? The overall high profile reputation of Chicago high school basketball and what were you hoping to get out of the whole experience?
TYLER ULIS: With Chicago being such a big city, it’s more exposure, better players and more competition and coming from Lima, Ohio, it’s a small town and I wasn’t getting as much recognition as I wanted, and moving there helped me a lot.
Q. Jamal, can you talk about yourself? What kind of a player were you at the beginning of the season and how would you describe yourself now? What were some of the biggest adjustments you’ve made?
JAMAL MURRAY: Overall just trying to fit into the system, early in the season and the time Coach Cal was starting to figure out how to play our three aurides and where we would play so new I’m just comfortable with where I am and not just playing after these two great guards over here, so now we’ve got a great chemistry going.

Q. Obviously, playing for Kentucky every night people are gunning for you the reputation of the program. What do you think the unique challenge is going to be of playing a team that’s never been in the tournament and literally has nothing to lose?
TYLER ULIS: Well, this being their first time they’re going to come excited, they’re going to be ready to play, a lot of them are seniors so they’re going to come out ready and give us their best shot so we can’t try to look past ’em, we have to focus on this game and come out ready to play.

ALEX POYTHRESS: Like Tyler said, they’re going to come out real loose, try to compete real hard. It’s going to be a battle from the start of the game and we can’t take ’em lightly. So we’ve got to compete and play hard tomorrow.

ISAIAH BRISCOE: This is my first time in the tournament also, so I’m just excited for the experience.

JAMAL MURRAY: Same, just excited to be out there.

Q. Jamal, I know you started doing the bow and arrow thing and now all across high schools and college basketball people are doing it. I don’t know if you know, a player got a technical in a regional championship game doing it. What’s it like to do something like that and watch it explode in a state like that?
JAMAL MURRAY: I really don’t know where it came from, didn’t know who started it and I get to be one of the first people who started it. But I’m not focused on that. I’m just kinda focused on my team, and this is how we play. I ain’t gonna say nothing anymore (Laughter.)

Q. Where did the bow and arrow come from?
JAMAL MURRAY: First started in the Ohio State game. EJ Floreal started doing it on the court, and from there on Mychal started doing it and Jonny after a while the team started to do it after, and now I started doing it back to them.

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