UConn coach glad to see Stony Brook in NCAA

Connecticut coach Kevin Ollie talked today in Des Moines about what it was like to see Stony Brook, the team that plays  Kentucky Thursday night in the NCAA tourney in Des Moines, finally make the NCAA

Q. Kevin, you’re focused on your team, but is it nice to see (coach Steve) Pikiell here and for him to break through and get Stony Brook here?

KEVIN OLLIE: Yeah, it was beautiful, watching that game with Buffalo, I’m going crazy in the hotel room. I couldn’t watch the game live, and Rodney was there to watch it and Coach Calhoun was there to watch it and Steve has been so close and to see him break through was a wonderful thing.

I think we all cheer each other on, you know, because we all know what we’ve been through, through Coach Calhoun practices, so all of us got an understanding of brotherhood through those practices.

I was so happy for him. His team is playing unbelievably hard and, you know, they’re doing a great job. And I know Steve is going to get those guys ready to play Stony Brook basketball. It was just great to see all the guys that made the tournament.

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  1. I always felt UCONN is the luckiest team when it comes to conference or March madness time. It seems they always have a lucky shot or break to advance.

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