Tyler Ulis: “It was a great year for us”

Q. Tyler, did you feel like you could pretty much get to the basket anytime you wanted, and was there just not enough support from the supporting cast today?
TYLER ULIS: Yeah, you know, I felt like the way they were playing ball screens I could get around them and try to force my way in there. I got to the basket a lot and I feel like all my teammates played hard.

Q. Marcus, it gets to be a tie game at 50, take us from there and the two threes that Indiana hit and how you guys reacted.
MARCUS LEE: We broke down on those plays and those are plays that we’re usually able to come back to. We learned from our breakdown and we weren’t able to get back from them.

Q. For both of you, what will your decision-making process be over the next couple of weeks about what comes next?
MARCUS LEE: I mean, game just ended. We could care less what’s happening next. Literally the game ended 30 minutes ago, so we’re still worry being that.

TYLER ULIS: I feel the same way as Marcus does.

Q. Tyler and Marcus, thoughts about this season. You guys had to replace 7 players and went through a lot of adversity to get to this point. Thoughts about the journey and the bumps and it ending tonight and where that places in all that?
TYLER ULIS: It was a great year for us. I felt like we went through a lot of ups-and-downs, had a lot of young players and guys learning how to play the right way. Everybody got better individually and today we didn’t play our best as a team, but I feel like we had a good season up to now.

MARCUS LEE: Like Tyler said, there was ups-and-downs, the but the ups-and-downs made us a team. We played this whole year together as one and it just didn’t go our way today.

Q. Marcus, obviously you guys have a tremendous roster and talent, but when you look at Indiana’s roster and the athletes that they were able to put out there, the depth, what would you say about, you know, how they were able to match your athleticism it seemed?
MARCUS LEE: They are very athletic. They did really great today. Our players are really great players. They’re great people. The one thing we did do is we didn’t break down and we didn’t give up. We just didn’t go away.

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  1. As I had mentioned after the Stony Brook Game, ” Boxing Out ” was our weakness again ! Along with, missed Free Throws…..Wish we had a longer Season, but this Team brought some Joy to Kentucky Basketball….

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