Stoops sees “improvement” in offensive line


No one has to tell Kentucky coach Mark Stoops that UK’s offensive line has struggled in recent years, just like other position groups have during his three losing seasons.

“We know we’ve had some struggles at offensive line and I think when you’re playing five of them and you’re playing against the defenses we play against and the D-linemen that we play against, you cannot have one guy here and one guy there because it blows up the entire offense,” Stoops said.

“We do feel like through the course of the last couple years we’re developing some good guys and we feel like right now, there’s definitely more bodies in there. We’re trying to find the right mix.

“We feel like certainly we are getting physically where you need to be, inside in particular at the center and the two guards. Tackle we’re continuing to work and need some more depth, but overall I think it’s definitely an improvement.”

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