Stony Brook star: “It really doesn’t matter if people aren’t giving us a shot.”

Q. First time in the tournament facing Kentucky, do you feel like anybody is really giving you guys much of a chance in this game?
JAMEEL WARNEY: If not, it’s perfectly fine. We have the most confidence in the world with us 14 on the team. So it really doesn’t matter if people aren’t giving us a shot. We know what we can do.

CARSON PURIEFOY: Yeah, I mean, we’re giving us a chance. We’re a confident team, like Jameel said, and we’re just going to go out there, and like I said before, do what we’ve been doing all season. And, you know, we’ve been good at refocussing and doing all this stuff, so that’s what we’re going to do.

RAYSHAUN McGREW: I feel like the only opinions if we win or lose or if we got a chance really matters from the guys who are going to step on the court with us. All the other people in the world who believe we could win or can’t win, nothing they can do to help us get a win, so me and my teammates and my coaches and our community, we all got faith so that’s all that we really need.

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