Stony Brook players saw plenty of Cats on TV this season

Q. Kentucky is on TV a lot. How much did you watch them without knowing you would play them in this tournament throughout the season or past seasons?
JAMEEL WARNEY: I mean the best part of it is if you turn on ESPN or CBS. They’re always on TV. You can watch ’em on Sports Center. Obviously we watched them a lot as a fan of basketball, but it’s great to watch ’em even closer when you’re scouting them because the feeling of knowing you’re going to play one of the biggest programs in college basketball history.

CARSON PURIEFOY: Like Jameel said, they’re one of the most storied programs in college basketball history, and I know when I turned on the TV and watched them I would keep watching because they’re exciting to watch. I had no idea we were going to play them, but now that we do it’s really exciting and I’m looking forward to the opportunity.

RAYSHAUN McGREW: These guys covered most of it, but like they said, being able to see them anytime you turn on ESPN or any sports channel, it kinda give us a head start. We kinda know what the guys are about. And us being a low program, we’re under the radar. So I feel like we have got our first step on them right now in our advantage is, so it’s exciting to get to play against them.

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