Poythress, Briscoe, Labissiere postgame comments

Q. Alex, how much of the game plan was just to double-team Jameel right from the start and not let him do anything and force someone else to beat you?
ALEX POYTHRESS: One of the best players, so we was trying to make it hard on him right from the jump, make other players make plays and just try to play sound defense from that.

Q. For Alex, you guys had to sit around all day and wait for the late game. Was there any first-game jitters? A little sluggish? When did you feel like you were starting to get it going and playing more like yourselves?
ALEX POYTHRESS: A little bit, laying around all day isn’t good. We need to be on our feet a lot more. But toward the first half, we got through the pregame jitters and all that stuff and started playing basketball.

Q. Skal, you had six blocks and the team had 15 in the game. What went into that? What enabled you to do that against a quality big man like they have and is that something you hope continues?
SKAL LABISSIERE: I was just trying to be a presence for my teammates whenever everything broke down I was just trying to help them out, so I was alert on defense and that’s what I did.

Q. Isaiah, seems like whatever the team needs, defense, rebounding, whatever, you’re able to provide it tonight, you make all your free throws in addition, what’s going into building your identity as just a guy that does whatever needs to be done on this team?
ISAIAH BRISCOE: I like to win, so whatever my team needs me to do to win, I will go out and do it, if it’s rebounding, if it’s scoring, playing defense, just locking down the other team’s best guy. I will do whatever my team needs me to do to win.


  1. Labissiere played one great game really. That many blocks in just 23 minutes is just insane. Briscoe was also spectacular on the boards and on defense. And he kept his shooting down to the kind of shots he can make really well. He’s learning a lot lately. Alex played great defense too. He shut down Jameel especially in the first half. The team defense was outstanding all night. The offense showed up in the second half too.

    1. The outcome was determined by the Cats team defense.
      It is always nice to watch Murray go off for 30 or see Skal chip in a dozen but to witness 15 blocked shots is special. Holding the opponent to less than 27% from the field ain’t bad either.

  2. They had me a little frightened the first half. I haven’t seen such terrible basketball since LSU lost in the SEC tourney last week. Then, the second half, I felt really good again.

    PS We have the Indiana game.

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