Pitino on Calipari: “He tries to make the world being against him.”

Vicky Graff Photo

Vicky Graff Photo


Louisville coach Rick Pitino went on ESPN Radio this morning on the Mike (Greenberg) and Mike (Golic) Show to talk about a variety of things. Obviously, the sex scandal at Louisville was the big topic of conversation.

However, the hosts also asked him about Kentucky coach John Calipari complaining about the seedings. Pitino said that was just Calipari being Calipari.

“He tries to make the world being against him. He does the same thing that John Thompson did at Georgetown — the world’s against us. Wherever he’s going, he’ll probably stay 30 miles outside of town because the hotel’s not good enough. Nothing’s ever good enough, the world’s against us,” Pitino said.

“He gets to his players and says we should be seeded much higher; matter of fact, how dare they put Kansas the No. 1 seed, it should be Kentucky. And he’ll have all those guys fired up. He did that great at UMass. It’s sort of difficult for him to buy into that at Kentucky, but he’s still trying to do it.”

He also offered an analysis of North Carolina, a team the Cardinals play and UK could face if it wins two games.

They’ll hit you with a lot of blitzing type defenses. They’ll come after you and they’re trapping you on the side, trapping you in the middle and they do a lot of things,” the Louisville coach said. “But once you get by those initial traps there are a lot of openings.

“They’ll get up in the passing lanes on the wings and deny the ball and once you hit the high post area you’ll be able to get a back door. “


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  1. The master at work switching the attention away.Should be fired and get penalized along the lines of Bruce Pearl…..suspension for 3 years and a show cause to get hired by an NCAA institution, but we all know how the greedy “Fightn Emmerts” operate.
    OMG I loved at him at UK 20+ years ago. Now all I can say,and I say it sadlhy is “and his horse”

  2. Pitino is so full of crap..he tries to paint himself the victim..he knew damn well what MCGee was doing and sent im packing when he found out..Powell told the truth..The House of Cards will fall down in shambles when the truth coms out…

  3. And people wonder why I don’t like the little weasel. It wasn’t just Cal that said UK got a low seed. All sorts of sports reporters etc. have said the same thing. I wonder if Little Ricky thinks they play the paranoia card too? Probably. They’re not out to get you though are they Ricky? Oh wait! Yes they are. And they have you too. Bye bye. You got one more bird in against the Cats. I guess the one as you walked out of the arena wasn’t enough. What a low life POS you are. BTW the NCAA clearly doesn’t like UK. They put IU in their path just like they put UL in their path when the Cats wouldn’t play them. Too bad for IU because the Cats will mop the floor with them like they have been doing for the past 25 years. It will only hurt their program. Some people just don’t know when to leave well enough alone. And you’re one of them. You had to coach at the arch rival of UK just to prove it was really “you” that saved the program at UK and not those BBN fans. How did that work out for you? What’s your record against the Cats? 5-12 and 2 of those were against Crazy Clyde. So really it’s more like 3-12 when you throw out the wacko coach’s record (the other wacko coach). Your jealousy brought you nothing but pain. You had your kids play incredibly dirty against the first team Cal coached at UK. It remains the low point for basketball in the modern era IMO (since the dawn of national tv coverage). I’ve seen pretty much every UK game since they started putting them on TV and several before that. Your team was the worst cheap shot bunch ever. You should have been arrested for what you did that night. Seriously. Your players could have killed people grabbing their ankles as they’re flying out of bounds into the crowd. Who does that? You, that’s who. No one else. I’ve seen some dirty play but that game trumps them all including what I saw before national tv when it was just the UK network showing road games in the SEC.

    The more you act up over this scandal the more I believe you did have something to do with it. I defended you at first. I should have known better. Now the way you have acted you seem guilty. And if you didn’t know about it you were one blind, stupid coach. Sing us that sad song about it being in Billy’s building you weasel. You couldn’t compete with the teams UK was putting on the floor so you went dirty. I believe the worst of you now after what I’ve seen in your actions. Didn’t you complain that you were treated badly by your own school and those poor kids lost their dream. How is that different from Cal complaining about his treatment. The answer is Cal’s complaint was valid and yours wasn’t. The innocent always suffer in the NCAA. That’s just how it works. Or did you think the Unforgettables were the players we recruited to be the heart of the team. Mills, Manuel, Chapman, Ellis, etc…. Those guys should have been our team. And BTW UK was ripped by the NCAA then too. No way anything they said was true. $1000 envelopes just happen to fall open. Yeah right. And you’re the tooth fairy.

  4. You know , when you are under the micro scope like Rick is, you’d think that you would just scale back the criticism even though he was asked of his opinion. I know this, he has free time for plenty of interviews.

  5. Just ignore the man. As C M Newton said while Pitino was the UK coach, “Rick is challenged by the truth.” His womanizing is also well established over many decades, including his time at UK. Fortunately, it never erupted to front page news while in Lexington.

    Time will little, slick, quick rick to move on and find something other than college basketball to litter.

  6. I’m gonna back Pitino untill he’s proven guilty. Yes I’m a cat fan you guys alike we never had a coach that cheated or had a drinking problem. The one that cheated got away with it and put our basketball program to ashes. So sick and tire our own fan base is bashing at coach that brought back the program in the 90’s

    1. I don’t know where you come off with this stuff. Sutton did NOT cheat. Look at the charges against the Cats. First there was the magic envelope. The NCAA backed off that boondoggle and didn’t charge UK with it at all because they knew the story was incredibly bogus and easily proven to be so. Then there was the so called cheating of Eric Manuel.They claimed he copied EVERY answer on a 3 hour ACT test ((211 of 219 answers were the same as another test taker had). There were only like 5-6 kids taking the test and there were 4 proctors. Manuel sat across the table from this guy he supposedly copied his answers from. So not only could he read those tiny little test answer sheet blocks incredibly well he did it across a table looking at another test upside down. Have you ever seen an ACT test booklet? The idea anyone could possibly copy 211 of 219 answers is absurd. The NCAA made allegations of collusion by a group of people to help Eric but for some reason they could never name one. Whether he cheated or not (or possibly someone altered or switched his test answers after the fact) the NCAA absolutely had zero actual evidence that Manuel cheated. But if we have learned anything we have learned the NCAA doesn’t need evidence. Ask Enes Kanter. More importantly refer to the lawsuit filed by Jerry Tarkanian that went all the way to the Supreme Court which ruled the NCAA could run things however they wanted without due process or anything else because it was a private, voluntary organization.

      I get sick of UK fans that side with the demon NCAA on these issues. Learn the facts. The NCAA had NOTHING on UK. They didn’t want Sutton putting UK back on top of the basketball world and yes he was certainly doing just that. After the retirement of Hall things weren’t so great at UK for a while. People like to blame Sutton. Blame the fact it was the end of an era. Hall was connected with Rupp. Sutton wasn’t. Hall left the team without a lot of talent outside of Kenny Walker. But look at the players Sutton accumulated. They rivaled the kinds of teams Cal has brought in. That lineup would have included Chapman, LeRon Ellis, Eric Manuel, Chris Mills, and some said he was close to signing Don MacLean who actually signed with UCLA and became an All American. He signed with them after the trouble began at UK. That was a team that would have easily competed for a championship. There were some seriously talented players there and besides all those guys the hard core KY kids (including Sean Woods who lived in Lexington a while) that went on to play what is considered the very best game in college basketball history.

      People who say Sutton was a drunk and a loser really aren’t giving him the credit he deserves. Once he got rolling he was rolling big time. He didn’t bring in one great class after another but Cal couldn’t do that if he wasn’t moving players to the NBA every year to make room for the new guys. Sutton fielded one of UK’s best teams in that era. But the NCAA took their heart out because there would be no post season play and very little TV exposure. Players didn’t care and they left as soon as possible. But the talent was absolutely there. Only the NCAA witch hunt ended that run. And they did some horrendous things like threatening Manuel trying to get him to sell out UK even screaming from his front yard at his mother about how he was going to ruin his life if he didn’t play ball. That’s incredibly dirty.

      It was the NCAA that didn’t play by the rules. NOT UK!!!!!

  7. You know good dang wellSutton walk out that he knew what’s coming. Now you can’t tell me he wasn’t Involve !! Here’s another trouble spot why do you think Chapman left early, he was practically ran out off campus because he was dating a african- American girl. Our program had some issues as well just like everybody that is been looked at.

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