MAR. 15, 2016 – The odds-makers at https://www.SportsBettingDime.com, think it’s more likely that Charles Barkley (8/1) correctly predicts college basketball’s National Champion than President Obama (9/1).  And, based upon the President’s previous brackets, the odd-makers lay even odds (1/1) that the “first fan” picks a #1 seed as his champion and an over/under of 6 first round upsets.  When it comes to TV’s other enthusiastic analyst, the odds-makers expect “Send it In” (o/u 8.5) and “The Kiss” (o/u 8) to be Bill Raftery’s most common expressions.

On the court, the odds-makers give a #16 seed long odds (99/1) of upending and #1 seed; while the #15 seeds have much better odds (20/1) of defeating a #2 seed.  The Big 12 (9/4) is most likely to produce the National Champion while the SEC is a long shot (19/1) among the power conferences.  For a look at more props and analysis, visit



Over/under on the number of first-round games that will be decided by three points or fewer: 6.5

Over/under on the number of first-round games decided with a lead change in last five seconds: 2.5

Over/under on the number of first-round upsets (by seed): 8

Odds a no. 16 seed beats a no. 1 seed: 99/1

Odds a no. 15 seed beats a no. 2 seed: 20/1

Odds on how many no. 5 seeds will win in the first round of the tournament:
None: 60/1
One: 8/1
Two: 11/5
Three: 5/2
Four: 9/2


Over/under on highest single-game point total by one player in the tournament: 36.5

Over/under on the highest-scoring game in the tournament: 182.5

Over/under on the largest margin of victory of in the tournament: 40.5

Odds on whether a team seeded no. 12 or higher will make the Sweet 16: 51/4

Odds on how many no. 1 seeds will make the Final Four:
Four: 7/1
Three: 2/1
Two: 7/4
One: 16/3
None: 26/1

Over/under on the sum of the seeds that reach the Final Four (e.g. four no. 1 seeds would equal a sum of four): 13.5

Odds on which conference will win the most games in the tournament:
Big 12: 5/2
ACC: 3/1
Pac-12: 7/2
Big Ten: 4/1
Big East: 19/1

Odds on which conference will produce the National Champion:
Big 12: 9/4
ACC: 11/4
Big Ten: 13/2
Pac-12: 7/1
Big East: 11/1
SEC: 19/1
FIELD: 25/1


Odds on what Charles Barkley’s in-studio partners will make fun of first during the tournament:
Barkley’s inability to pronounce someone’s name: 3/1
Barkley’s college basketball “expertise”: 4/1
Barkley’s weight: 9/2
Barkley’s golf game: 8/1
Barkley’s “One Shining Moment” ad: 12/1

Over/under on the number of players’ or coaches’ names Barkley mispronounces on-air during the tournament: 5.5

Odds of Barkley uses the word “dumb” or “stupid” during the first day of the tournament: 1/2

Odds on which of Barkley’s in-studio partners will be the first to make a fat joke about him:
Kenny Smith: 2/1
Doug Gottlieb: 5/1
Ernie Johnson: 5/1
Clark Kellogg: 5/1
Greg Gumbel: 10/1
FIELD: 9/1

Over/under on the number of times Barkley will refer to Donald Trump on-air during the tournament: 1.5

Odds that Barkley picks the correct National Champion: 8/1

Odds that President Obama picks the correct National Champion: 9/1

Odds President Obama picks a no. 1 seed as National Champion: 1/1

Over/under on the number of first-round upsets on President Obama’s bracket (by seeding): 6

O/U on the number of times Bill Raftery uses the following expressions during the tournament:
Send it in: 8.5
The kiss: 8
Nickel-dimer: 7.5
Onions: 5.5

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