Mark Stoops: “We are moving into year four and we should be better.”


With so many new coaches on staff and the  need to solidify who will be the starting quarterback, this becomes an important spring practice for Kentucky coach Mark Stoops.

However, even if the staff was intact and a starting quarterback coming back, it would still be an important spring.

“We’re moving into year four and we should be better,” Stoops said. “I like where we’re at. I like the staff that we have in place. I like the players’ attitude.

“We’ve had a better offseason than we have any other year. I feel like we went longer this offseason as far as our fourth-quarter conditioning, and we went longer in those drills – longer period of time, longer duration each day.

“And the guys have been consistent, and that’s what we’re looking for and that’s what we talked about here this morning, at 6:30 this morning: Lets go out and – I knew everybody was going to be fired up and ready to go Day 1 (but) let’s make sure we have a great practice Day 15 and Day 1, with the same focus and the same energy, so it was a great start.”


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  1. Well , Yes you should be better. I admit on a yearly basis I overreact to UK football and its losing ways all the while knowing its got to be hard to just turn things around instantly. Its time to start showing the fruits of labor. I don’t expect UK to battle for an NCAA championship , but improvement better be abound or its going to be same ole same ole. Its time .

  2. I get a chuckle every time we go into a new season I remember all the times a coach raises my expectations and my optimism about KY football then get into the playing season and the team chokes! Maybe it is something in the Lexington water but the team seems never to change. Well! Here’s to the new season. Maybe we will get lucky this time. With our schedule, we’re going to need all the luck we can get.

    1. RJ that is a valiad concern

  3. I am cautiously optimistic about this after everything that was said last season with us being bigger stronger faster etc.

  4. I still believe. And I’m not the least bit deterred by the constant whining of others. Trying to build a winning program here has always been difficult. Why anyone would expect it to suddenly be otherwise defies all logic. I’m just glad that Stoops is still here and that he keeps trying to climb the mountain. The road to success is never easy, especially when when it is littered with hordes of the apathetic.

    Why do I care? Because I’m a fan and that is what fans do.

    GO CATS !!

    1. No one said it was easy but we are at least asking to be more competitive in our games. It’s no secret that our team had a lot of dysfunction in the locker room whether or not Stoops would like to admit. There were teams we should have beaten like Vanderbilt and then we choked away a 20 point lead only to be embarrassed. Hence the cautious optimism.

      1. My comment was a generality and definitely not directed at you Andy. Any optimism at this point requires a substantial degree of faith.
        I just grow weary of the psychological boo birds and have difficulty understanding how that translates into anything positive.
        Stoops has his hands full brother. Stepping into a new position and having to learn on the job. Finding the cupboard short on talent and long on attitude issues. Assembling a winning staff at a school where there’s been virtually no history of commitment to the program. Finding good assistants with an athletic department that is reluctant to pay good money. And to top it off, having to contend with a fan base that wants to make comparisons to UT?
        As fans, we are in a position to remove only one of those obstacles and don’t understand why we continue to make things more challenging for Coach than they need to be. Good grief, the man is juggling flaming razor blades and there are “fans” trying to distract him? It’s past time for UK football fans to quit living in the problem and start living in the solution. To do our part and make a difference, we need to BELIEVE.

        GO CATS !!!

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