Mark Stoops on Horton, Westry, Bone, Conrad, Timmons

Blake Bone (Vick Graff Photo)

Blake Bone (Vick Graff Photo)

Here’s some more of what Kentucky coach Mark Stoops said after Saturday’s open practice.

On how much he likes the offense’s ability to run the ball: “You have to have that. You hear me talk about it and anybody – you watch enough football – you have to have some balance. I don’t care what the numbers say, but you have to have some physicality about you to get the tough yards and move it when you can and we’re seeing some of that.”

On Mikel Horton getting hurt near end of scrimmage: “ think he’s going to be fine. It looks like he took a helmet to the shin, so hopefully it’s just that. We’ll see. Other than that I think we’re pretty healthy.”

On if he liked what Horton did before the injury: “ I did. Definitely. He’s been better this spring.”

On cornerback Chris Westry’s progress: “He’s got a lot of work to do. It’s hard. As you know, sometimes guys that have some success as a true freshman they don’t really truly understand how much it takes to take it to the next level. Chris is a great kid and he knows how to work, but it’s just constantly – he’s got a lot to learn still and a lot to do. But he’s a great kid and he takes coaching and we’ve just got to continue to press with him.”

On receiver Blake Bone making plays: “He shows up. You’ll see those flashes where he’ll make some one-handed catches or some flashy catches from time to time. He’s got that kind of ability. Again, he needs to be stronger and better off the line of scrimmage. He’s working on those things.”

On tight C.J. Conrad’s role: “We’re gonna get him the football. He’s a good player. He’s going into his sophomore year. Again, he’s just like Chris: He did some good things as a freshman and he needs to continue to push as well.”

On senior receiver Ryan Timmons’ spring: “Timmons is doing better. I told the offense this the other day, I said, ‘You’ve been doing some good things, but don’t make me regret it by complimenting you.’ I say the same thing about Timmons, so I’m biting my tongue with him. But he’s been good and I expect him to; I said that last year and I want him to do it this year.”

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  1. I hope Gran can get this UK offense rolling because Stoops does not have a clue. The guy is about as inspiring as a glass of buttermilk. I have no idea what he means by his comments here.. They sound like compliments and complaints all rolled into one. If I were Stoops I would worry about my defense. Like for example, is there anybody on this UK roster that can stop a mobile QB like Lamar Jackson just to name one.

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