Kyle Wiltjer will be on Cameron Mills radio show Saturday airing from Harrodsburg


Former Kentucky basketball player Kyle Wiltjer will join Cameron Mills on his weekly radio show on FoxSports 1580 AM out of Lexington this Saturday from 10 a.m. until noon.

The show will air from Klosterman Eye Associates in Harrodsburg. Dr. Jeff Klosterman hosted a Kentucky Sports Radio remote with Ryan Lemond, Drew Franklin and Jared Lorenzen a few months ago that drew a big crowd.

Wiltjer played two years at UK, including the 2012 national championship season, before transferring to Gonzaga for his final two seasons.

Wiltjer  and Mills will help introduce the new Sports Vision Training offerings at Klosterman Eye Associates! 

An autograph session (available to purchase) will follow the broadcast until 1:00pm.
Wiljter will be charging $15 an autograph or $25for two, which will include a picture with Kyle and also a print of Kyle is included with each autograph bought. Either an object that is brought can be signed, or a the print that comes with each autograph can be signed.

Klosterman Eye Associates is located at 125 Collin Drive in Harrodsburg. For more information call (859) 734-2020.


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  1. Larry,
    If I come by, cam I get a discount on a new set of spectacles?

    1. If your name is Doug Shows, you get a discount.
      In fact he needs a free pair.

    2. Missed you today Norman

      1. Same here. Had to be at work. Been way too busy lately.

        Hope to catch you soon.

  2. Funny

  3. That’s what you call Big Blue Love. Kyle was and is one of my favorites. Glad to see the BBN still come out for him. Just imagine had he stayed and took a red shirt year. Oh well the rear view mirror is small for a reason. This is why UK is so special. How many other schools can say even transfers can return and still be adored. I bet the crowds here are bigger than where he was if they came out to a radio show at all. UK and the BBN are a very unique and special group. Blue Forever! !

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