Kentucky a “monumental challenge for Georgia”

Vicky Graff Photo

Vicky Graff Photo

Here’s what Georgia coach Mark Fox had to say about Kentucky after his team beat South Carolina to make today’s semifinals against the Wildcats.

Q. Mark, now the challenge tomorrow about facing a Kentucky team that showed today why they’re one of the best teams in the country.
COACH FOX: Oh, Kentucky won? They’re great. Nothing like playing a road game. They got a team that can beat you in a million ways. Their defense alone can win for them. They got offensive guys that are — they’ve got an unbelievable backcourt. Their front line guys keep getting better and better and better. Now that kid’s healthy off the ankle injury.

I mean, it’s a monumental challenge. Two games in under 24 hours. We obviously didn’t think one second about it until this game ended. So we’ll have to come up with something because they whipped us pretty good the first time.

Q. I think I asked you this after you beat South Carolina last week. Is this team starting to look more and more like an NCAA Tournament team? Five straight wins, a couple of wins over South Carolina?
COACH FOX: I think what I will say about the NCAA Tournament is that there’s a lot of teams who have not — didn’t challenge themselves with a schedule, and I think our non-conference strength of schedule is in the top five in America. And there’s a lot of teams across the country who have played one-third of their schedule versus teams outside of the top 200. We could have easily said, okay, we want to go rack up some wins and play a bunch of cupcakes, but we didn’t do that.

We’ve now won, what, 12 SEC games, I think. Ten in the regular season and a couple here in the Tournament. And I got dear friends at some of those other places, but if this win doesn’t put us squarely in the conversation or in the Tournament with 19 wins and the schedule we played, what would do it? I don’t know. We couldn’t play a harder schedule.

So I think that we deserve some very, very serious consideration for the NCAA Tournament, and I know the selection committee will do their due diligence.

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