Jon Toth, Courtney Love could be team leaders


Better leadership is something Mark Stoops is counting on from his team next season and wants that to start in spring practice.

“We do challenge these guys and give them the tools. As you know, Jason Cummings works with our team quite often and does a fantastic job. He’s a talented guy and gives the players some tools and resources to help them lead, as the coaches obviously do as well,” Stoops said his first spring workout Tuesday.

“But we’re challenging certain guys, and you’re starting to see that. A guy like (center) Jon Toth that maybe it’s not in his nature to really be as boisterous as we need him to be, but you’re seeing him step up and do that. I think you’re seeing – everybody talks about it but it’s true – with (linebacker) Courtney Love.

“He’s a guy that really hasn’t played any significant snaps here, in games he hasn’t played at all, but you see the leadership there and there’s nothing fake about him. He’s a great leader, a great kid and he’s a great addition to our team. You’re seeing some guys step up.”

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