How can Indiana slow down Jamal Murray?

Vicky Graff Photo

Vicky Graff Photo

Q. Coach, what makes Jamal Murray as dangerous as he is and what are some of the things your team is going to have to do to slow him down?
TOM CREAN: He’s really improved as a shooter, there is no question about that, his shot selection has improved. He comes off screens very well and he does a great job of coming off the foul line. They do a great job of getting him hope and giving him choices of which way to go to. They’ve all got to see help, not just Jamal Murray. We’ve got to do a great job of showing early help in everything.

But without stepping up off their big men and allowing the lob drunks and drop off dunks and things like that that go into the easy post high ups. One of the reasons Kentucky is so good is obviously they’ve really good players the reason they have really good players is they make each other better, and I think Jamal Murray makes his teammates better. Just like Ulis makes his teammates better.

I think that’s — it’s one thing, this is why Kentucky is so good, it’s just a collection of really good players it’s a collection of guys that make the game easier for their teammates. We’ve got to do everything possible to not let it be that way, and that means we’ve got to be in help early, we’ve got to read the ball really well. We’ve got to make catches tough. We’ve got to get back in transition and above all else we’ve got to do a great job of blocking out.

Q. What will be some of the keys to slowing down the freshman, Jamal Murray in tomorrow night’s match-up?
THOMAS BRYANT: I would say some of the things that we have to do is maybe just stay disciplined. We have a game plan for each and every one of them out there, and we just gotta go out there and follow it.

TROY WILLIAMS: As long as we stick to our transition defense and the principles and everything and back on defense things should work out in our favor.

COLLIN HARTMAN: We have to come out and be aggressive and stick to out game plan. We have a coaching staff that puts different things together for every game and we just have to execute our game plan and limit shots.

NICK ZEISLOFT: I think those three hit it pretty much on the dot. They’re fast and athletic and we have to get back in transition and take out their half court sets, and we’ll get with the coaches on that. We already have some and we will continue to.

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