How about some AJ Reed Nachos at UK baseball


LEXINGTON, Ky.  — A smorgasbord of new concession items will be available throughout the 2016 Kentucky baseball home schedule, including the debut of “AJ Reed Nachos” honoring the UK great and his passion for nachos as a ballpark snack, it was announced on Tuesday

Also featured will be a daily special, including “Taco Tuesdays”, “Wing Wednesdays”, “2 Buck Thursdays” ($2 tickets & $2 drinks), “$1 Hot Dog Fridays”, “Cheesesteak Saturdays” and “Sundae Sundays”. The complete promotions schedule is here.

AJ Reed Nachos/AJ Reed Nachos with UK Baseball Helmet

Tortilla Chips, 4oz. Nacho Cheese, 2oz. Chili, 2oz. Rice, 1oz. Green Peppers, .5oz Chives, 2oz. Corn, 3oz.Black Beans, 3oz. Pinto Beans, 3oz. Shredded Chicken, 2oz. Diced Tomato, 2oz. Jalapeno, 1oz. Black Olives, 3oz. Shredded Lettuce, 2oz. Diced Onion, 3oz. Salsa, 2oz. Sour Cream, 2oz. Guacamole

Layered Nachos

BBQ Pork Sandwich

Pretzel Bun, 3oz. BBQ Pulled Pork, 2oz. Beer Cheese

Cheese Steak Combo

6” Hoagie Bun, 4oz. Steak or Chicken, 2oz. Peppers/Onion, Sliced Provolone Cheese, Kettle Chips 

Chicken & Waffle Cone     

Waffle Cone, 3oz. Mashed Potatoes, 3 Chicken Tenders, Honey Mustard 

Hot Brown Nachos         

Kettle Chips, 3oz. Queso Cheese, 2oz. Diced Turkey, 2oz. Diced Ham, 2oz. Diced Tomatoes, 1oz. Crumbled Bacon

Italian Sausage Combo      

6” Hoagie Bun, 1 Italian Sausage, 3oz. Italian Beef, 1oz. Mozzarella Cheese, 2oz. Giardini ere Relish, Kettle Chips

Pork Chop Sandwich      

3” Cornmeal Bun, 6oz. Pork Chop, 1oz. BBQ Sauce, Kettle Chips

Family Rib Bucket   

6 Ribs, 9oz. Coleslaw, 8oz. French Fries, 1 Texas Toast                  

Taco Basket               

3 Corn Tortilla Shells, 3oz. Shredded Chicken, 1oz. Diced Onion, 1oz. Cilantro, Tortilla Chips, 2oz. Salsa

Wing Basket           

Choice of Mild/Hot/BBQ (7) Wings, 3 Celery Sticks, 2oz. Ranch

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