Gran on Cats: “They’re not entitled to anything”


Kentucky players have offered “no resistance” to new offensive coordinator Eddie Gran because of the culture he says coach Mark Stoops has built.

“This is how it is. You either buy in or you don’t. The ones that aren’t receptive aren’t going to be here. But I haven’t sensed any of that. Matter of fact, it’s been the opposite. They’re hungry, they’re excited,” Gran said Thursday.

“You get something new, it’s like a new toy. But they’ve gotta buy in. One thing in this offense is there’s one ball, and you’ve gotta teach them to be humble. There’s no entitlement. Coach Stoops, (athletic director) Mitch (Barnhart) gave them a scholarship. They got a scholarship to get a degree, to come here and play football, so they’re not entitled to anything. They’re not entitled to catch nine balls.”

Say amen UK fans are three straight losing seasons under Stoops, one reason UK will have four new coaches next season.

“What they’re here to do is to win football games for the University of Kentucky. Whatever that job is, whether you’re a receiver, a tight end, an O-lineman, you do that job. So whatever he’s talking about: do your job. Do your job to the best of your ability, do it how we’re coaching it, and good things will happen,” Gran said.

“And they’re buying into that. Because there’s going to be a receiver that catches three balls one game, none the next, 10 the next. That’s how it’s distributed. That’s how it plays out. If they buy into that, we’ll be really good, because we’ll be unselfish. That’s why this is a team sport. If they want to play golf or something like that, then they can go be an individual.”


  1. Well he can talk the talk….

  2. I hope they pick up on his offensive scheme. I am glad our QBS are actually being coached for once.

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