For UK fans, Brad Calipari could be John Calipari’s most important recruit

John Calipari joked last year that his wife, Ellen Calipari, told him if their son came to UK, the coach was not leaving. (Vicky Graff Photo)

John Calipari joked last year that his wife, Ellen Calipari, told him if their son came to UK, the coach was not leaving. (Vicky Graff Photo)


For Kentucky fans, the Wildcats might have landed the most important recruit of the John Calipari era Sunday.

He’s not a five-star player like the others in Kentucky’s 2016 recruiting class, but Brad Calipari’s announcement on Twitter that he would be part of Big Blue Nation.

“Blessed to be able to say I’ll be apart of the next year!” Brad Calipari tweeted.

He is John Calipari’s son and the youngest of his children. His joining the team as a walk-on player would not prevent the UK coach from leaving. However, it would shock me if he did for the NBA where he would have to leave his son behind.

Brad Calipari started his basketball career at Lexington Catholic High School. He tore a knee ligament during the 2013-14 season and transferred to The MacDuffie School in Granby, Mass., to give his knee time to heal.

Twitter was full of comments by Kentucky fans anticipating that Brad Calipari’s announcement meant that the UK coach would be staying. Of course, during an ESPN podcast last year John Calipari said his wife, Ellen, had already told him he was not leaving if their son decided to come to Kentucky.

Calipari joked then that spending four years with his son would be fun other than his son did like to talk back — but what teenager doesn’t.



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  1. Welcome to BBN Brad. Glad you gonna be part of it hopefully you get a ring or two along the way.

  2. What a great opportunity for Both, Father & Son……We not only have a Great Basketball Coach and generous Man, but also, A wonderful Father, (Blessed). I can’t wait to see, CALIPARI, on a Kentucky Wildcat Jersey, (running down the Court) ! ” Better order a few of those Kentucky Jerseys….I want to buy one already. “

  3. What better way to end the regular season going into the tourneys….Brad is a Wildcat. Cal got his wish to coach his son. I’m with you LarryC can’t wait to see Calipari on the back of a jersey running down the court. Wow, how much better can that be for that family. His sister’s didn’t find out until 40 minutes after the announcement and found out on twitter…Megan called him a butthead! Cal has his dream job and now we can put to rest the rumors for at least 4 years any NBA rumors! He is ours for at least 4 more years!

  4. I never expected him to leave anyway. I have heard grumblings from those that are bitter over the whole Saul thing saying he will be treated differently than Saul was. If he is the only PG on the team when he’s a sophomore I’ll be complaining too. But my guess is Cal recruits another PG for that year. At least one. But for all I know jr. can play ball. I haven’t seen him in action except for a short segment. Sean could play some ball but still not well enough to quie the nepotism critics. I just can’t imagine Cal letting this become a big issue like it was twice before. Fans are still split over those issues in spite of the glorious record of Cal so far. BTW notice I don’t expect a championship every year. A few more critics could learn something from that.

    1. Cal will still recruit 5-star players and Brad knows that. Brad can shoot, but not the overall player like what Cal has had. He’s not a point guard

  5. If Ellen could wear a jersey and shoot and it would keep Cal in Lexington, I’m all for it!

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