Coaches want QB Stephen Johnson to keep gaining weight

Stephen Johnson (Larry Vaught/Verizon Photo)

Stephen Johnson (Larry Vaught/Verizon Photo)


After spending two years in junior college, quarterback Stephen Johnson has the maturity that new Kentucky quarterbacks coach Darin Hinshaw likes.

“Game completely different from junior college ball to SEC football, so he’s realizing right now that they run a lot faster in the secondary. He can’t hang the ball up as long as he could. I’ve got to get him to throw the ball,” Hinshaw said.

“He’s got a good arm, good pace on the ball. He’s putting on weight. He came in at 169. I think he’s at 187 right now, so he’s gaining weight whereas what we want him at. And he’s going to lose weight – after you go through spring ball you’re going to lose a little weight this summer. We’ll get it back up, and we’ll continue to put weight back on him. But he’s progressing nicely.”

Hinshaw wants him at 200 pounds. That’s a 31-pound weight gain.

“I think 200 pounds is reasonable for him. He’s got a big frame. He’s eating, he’s working at it. Like I said, from 169 to 187 is 18 pounds he’s put on since he got here in January and we’re in March. So, not unrealistic that he could put on 13 more pounds by August,” Hinshaw said.

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  1. Hopefully he can gain that weight. Curious to see how the QB race plays out.

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