Calipari wants to see more SEC teams in NCAA


NASHVILLE — Just as he has done all season,  Kentucky coach John Calipari was campaigning for more Southeastern Conference teams to get into the NCAA Tournament than the three projected as of today.

“What disappoints me is that there are teams that lost, like some of our teams have, and all of a sudden, it’s okay. They’re in. And then one of our teams loses, they go from bubble to first four out. You’re like, I don’t get it. I do know, when our teams are in the NCAA Tournament, they do well,” Calipari said after UK beat Alabama.

“We’ve been in Final Fours, the Elite Eights, a number of Sweet 16s. We had three a couple years ago in the Sweet 16 and two in the Final Four. So I think this league deserves five teams that should be in.

“I think Vanderbilt should be in. That’s just my thought. And I think, if you look at it overall, they should be in, but they lost a tough game. Tennessee played well (Friday).”

Then the swaggy Cal had a little fun.

“We lost to Tennessee. We lost to Tennessee. So I think they should be in, but I’m not on the committee. If I was on the committee, because I’m a normal person. I’m helping my friends, and those other dudes are not getting in. I’m normal,” he said before pausing.

Then he added, “Why is everybody laughing?”


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  1. Sorry Cal SEC basketball hasn’t been the same since Arkansas and Florida left the map.

  2. Actually SEC basketball has done very well over the past 20 years. They are near the top for championships and final 4 appearances. They never get bids comensurate with the level of play they exhibit every year in the tournament. And it isn’t just UK. The SEC is less top heavy than the ACC for example. The SEC has had 4 teams make the final 4 in the last 20 years. That’s the same number for the ACC. Go back a little further and you get a title and a second F4 appearance from Arkansas. And LSU was pretty consistent about making the F4 for a while. The ACC has 6 championships in the last 20 years. The SEC has 5. The Big 10 has ONE championship team but they get more bids than the SEC every year. A lot more.

  3. Good observation King. Thanks for straighting me out

  4. I would like to add a thought. Cal likes to expound on the thought that UK Basketball is the Super Bowl. Long before Cal was a coach , teams couldn’t wait to beat UK . Here is my meaning. I have watched teams with my own eyes over the years play beyond their usual capacity when playing UK . Teams bristle , extra hop in the step of the opponent. And when the NCAA’s roll around , I see teams from the SEC and who they are matched up against and I will automatically think , hell , they should roll that team up easy . Wrong! I see SEC teams get beat quite a bit by teams they should beat , if they played that team like they would UK they would win. As a matter of fact , I have seen straight up flops, by SEC teams. I do believe in the UK effect, its obvious in the NCAA tourney. I will sit there and watch an SEC team play UK and think damn this team is good. Until they don’t play UK. Just watch , it happens all the time.

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