Calipari: SEC tourney comes down to who is playing well

John Calipari (Vicky Graff Photo)

John Calipari (Vicky Graff Photo)


Kentucky lost to five Southeastern Conference teams during the regular season — and all five are on the opposite side of the SEC Tournament bracket from UK.

“You have a lot of teams that are playing well right now, whether they’re on our side or the other side or whatever you want to say. There are a lot of teams that are playing well right now,” Kentucky coach John Calipari said.

UK will face the winner of Thursday’s Mississippi-Alabama game on Friday night in Nashville.

“Mississippi has won five of six or four of five. You’re talking about a South Carolina team that went to Arkansas – no one wins at Arkansas – and went in there and not only won, but won in convincing fashion. You say what you want, ‘Well, you know …’ – they’re playing well. And whatever happened during the season doesn’t matter now,” Calipari said.

“It’s kind of like our game with LSU (on Saturday). What happened earlier in the year had no bearing on that game being played later. I would say that as we go into the tournament, this thing is: Who’s playing well, because obviously there’s not a lot of difference between seven teams.

“I mean, it’s like we’re all looking like we have our chances.”


  1. We all know what UK has in guard play. Probably second to none. I cannot think of another duo than I’d want over Ulis and Murray. Worrisome is interior play. Indeed Skal had a terrific game last game and Lee certainly finished well around the hoop. It was a great step in the right direction at the right time of year. I love this team going in to the tourney. And as I stated about a month ago, I wouldn’t be all that upset if UK lost the first game of the SEC tourney , simply because of I’d rather have Ulis and Murray rested up and ready for the NCAA’s . I think this team is a final four team provided the BIGS play to the size they are. Good Luck to the Cats.

  2. Willis is back up to speed too Grant. And he had as much to do with the turnaround for this team as anyone. His ability to spread the floor makes it much easier to work those lanes inside and to get those lob passes over the top of the defense. And it opens up the high post for Skal. Add Alex driving the lane which he does well at times and this team could well go very deep in the tournament. Or they could fall apart again. That’s why we watch. It wouldn’t be any fun if we knew the outcome before they played.

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