Calipari says no mono-mono for Ulis against Ferrell

Vicky Graff Photo

Vicky Graff Photo

Q. Coach, do you see comparisons between Yogi Ferrell and Tyler Ulis? What are your impressions of Yogi?
JOHN CALIPARI: Both of them are — they both lead their teams. Yogi is probably more of a perimeter shooter than Tyler, and I think Tyler is probably more of a mid-range game than Yogi. But I think they both play extremely hard, extremely smart, know how to create fouls, know how to turn down pick and rolls, know when to speed up their team and when to say, hold up, guys, let’s play basketball here. They’re both very, very good players.

Q. Along those lines, is Tyler one of those guys that when he sees that guy across from him that he knows is supposed to be a great player that it lights that fire a little extra for him?
JOHN CALIPARI: You would have to ask him. I don’t believe so, but you would have to ask him. I think he is one even this year that if we lose a game, there will be one guy crying and that’s him. We’ve lost some games this year and he’s tearing up now. So as much as you think it’s the mono-mono with him, he wants to win. Last year in this tournament we lost, he was bawling! He was one of the few, but and he one or two of the other guys were crying. But he was — you know, he wants to win!

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