Calipari on pairings: “It’s every year the same”

John Calipari (Vicky Graff Photo)

John Calipari (Vicky Graff Photo)

Kentucky coach John Calipari didn’t change his stance on the NCAA selection committee when he got back to Lexington Sunday night after bashing the committee several times during the SEC Tournament in Nashville.

“Texas A&M as a three (seed) is another way of doing it. Who we’re playing, those teams are, you know, we knew West Virginia would be there. Indiana, North Carolina and we got the toughest path,” Calipari said.

“Stony Brook, I watched that game. They’re good. They’re good. They’ve got a big kid that had 40 points in a game against Vermont, and like I said, I just happened to be laying there and I watched some of the game.

“But this is how it is. It’s every year the same. Need to look at some other teams. They got a great path and we’ve got this, you know. I bet you they’ll try to switch over and put the Warriors in there. I don’t know if they can make a late call, but we’re playing.

“Let’s show up. Where is it? Where are we playing? I thought it was Anchorage—Des Moines? I like Des Moines. See, if it was in Anchorage, I was going to have the (Alaska) Bush people. They were going to be there and, you know, the Kilchers from The Last Frontier. You’re going to have them in the front row.”


  1. Will the identities (and affiliations) of the members of the “selection committee” be made public?

    1. I looked for that today but could not find it Persimmon Knog.Then I got it for your
      Joe Alleva, director of athletics, Louisiana State University
      Janet Cone, director of athletics, University of North Carolina at Asheville
      Tom Holmoe, director of athletics, Brigham Young University
      Mark Hollis, director of athletics, Michigan State University
      Bernard Muir, director of athletics, Stanford University
      Bruce Rasmussen, director of athletics, Creighton University
      Peter Roby, director of athletics, Northeastern University
      Jim Schaus, director of athletics, Ohio University
      Kevin White, director of athletics, Duke University

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