Calipari loved what he saw from Cats

Vicky Graff Photo

Vicky Graff Photo

Q. Did you see anything today that causes concern for tomorrow against Texas A&M?

COACH CALIPARI: No. I love what I saw. I love the fact that they shot 60 percent in the first half and didn’t miss any shots and we were hanging around. I love the fact that Isaiah shouldn’t have played but about three minutes, and Charles went in and played so well and helped us. Love the fact that Skal struggled and we went with a different lineup, and we played fine.

I love how my guards played. I probably played them too many minutes, but I love how they played, and I love what Isaiah did in the second half.

How about Alex in the second half? He gave us a goose egg in the first half. He now begins to say, okay, let me get this going. Well, he’s not done that throughout his career. So this was a big day for Alex.

And we played a really good team. I mean, they’re a very, very — like I said, they’re an NCAA Tournament team, and they’re very good. Mark had a great game plan. This is our third game in three nights. We’re going to platoon. We’re going to go in and out. It kind of screwed us up. We’re looking like, dog gone, do I need to sub? What should I be doing here?

And then they were making every shot. They made 60 — I mean, they were making jump hooks, fadeaways, bank threes.

When you’re in this tournament — and you guys know, I’ve said it over and over. I’m not a big fan of three games in three days. I don’t think it does anything for your team. But if have to play tomorrow, we might as well try to win it now. But it prepares you for next weekend, and that’s what I want to use these games for.

That was a great test. That was a war. We got down, and we didn’t stop. We kept playing. And they didn’t go away. We had to make big plays and big rebounds down the stretch to even think about beating them.


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  1. This game has a tournament feel to it all the way. Hope Georgia makes it. LSU chocked theirs away. Man they were God awful today.

  2. Dang how many questions to have Io answer to prove I am not a bot? LOL
    Holy moly…Ga played so hard, I just sat and watched, didn’t make a peep…let the seat belt out a little and they in the second half….oh my gracious. Did I really witness that come back? I sure didn’t expect a 13 pt win after what had gone on. Good for Willis, good for Briscoe…we expect it out of Jamal and Tyler….best duo ever.

  3. That is 2 straight games where we have started very disengaged. I actually thought that we were going to lose this game about half way thru second half. TG for Derrick and another great game by Murray/Ullis.. and Briscoe came along nicely 2nd half as well. Skal…what can you say…another clunker by him, and we were all thinking he might have turned the corner. I still hope he is gone this year. Front court another disaster…..I believe Skal, Lee, and Poy had a total of 3 boards and POY couldn’t wait to return to his good game and not so good a game. Very disappointed that Lee hasn’t wanted to work hard enough to develop any kind of offensive game other than the lob. Also wish that Cal had done a better job bringing both Humphrey and Matthews along this year. Think that is going to hurt us further if we continue to advance. Good luck tomorrow Cats!! You know A&M is going to come out smoking.

    1. It certainly was pleasant around here for the past week or so
      All good things must end.

    2. Can you quit being a negative Nancy for a moment. They were shooting lights out in the first half and most of the 2nd. This team would have folded a month ago with that kind of performance but they are having fun and FINDING ways to win. Calm down and enjoy the ride.

      1. When has “coach Mike” (his words, not mine) been anything but negative ?
        Friend of mine quit this site because of this Tipton wannabe and now I understand his reasoning..

  4. Mike never satisfied. Early in the year we didn’t have that fight that the Cats shown today. I like the way were playing win or lose tomorrow. Go Cats!!!

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