Calipari expecting a “high-flyin’, fast kinda game” with IU

Q. When you guys have been at your best these last 11, 12, 13 games what is going so well for you now that makes you so difficult to beat. Along those lines Indiana talked about them expecting this to be an up-tempo, high-paced kind of game. If so, do you see it that way?
JOHN CALIPARI: Well, we’re healthy. The injuries that we had this year kinda helped our depth. In other words, when Alex went down we found out we have Derek Willis. When Derek Willis went down we found out that Isaac is a pretty good player, too. When Dom went down we were able to play Charles. All of the sudden they’re all back. They’re all healthy. We got a full team. That has helped us.

Also the efficiency we’re playing with offensively really comes back to Tyler and Jamal. Jamal has become a volume scorer, yet not a volume shooter. That helps our team, because it gives us balance. We’re expecting this game to be fast. I can remember when we played these guys and they had us play them in 2012, I believe, that game was in the 90s, and it was a high-flyin’, fast, you know, played fast kinda game. So I would expect this to be the same.

Q. Does that play to your strengths?
JOHN CALIPARI: Yeah, we could play either way if you’ve watched us. I like to teach a grind-it-out game so if the game is close and you need to use the last three or four possessions to win the game you know how to play that way. They’ve run — it’s funny, when you prepare for them they’re going to run 102 things on the right side and 113 on the left and flip guys — so you’ve gotta coach principles versus what they’re using, the plays they’re using.

Tommy does a great job of putting his guys in great positions, using the talents that he has, you know. The guys that should be diving are diving. The guys that should be shooting are shooting. The guys that should be driving are driving.

So it will be — it’s a hard game to prepare for, but to be honest, again, I come back to, I’m really concerned about my team and what we have to do to be able to play in a game like this.

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