Calipari comfortable about his team

Vicky Graff Photo

Vicky Graff Photo

NASHVILLE — Kentucky coach John Calipari said “nothing keeps me up at night” when it comes to his team going into postseason play that starts tonight against Alabama in the SEC Tournament.

“I’m feeling comfortable about my team. I like that they’re being empowered. My message will be real simple for them and that’s one, be the best version of you. Just know what that looks like. We know it. We’ve defined it. You have too,” Calipari said.

“Then the second thing is, be about your teammate. Now’s the time to totally lose yourself because being your best version should come easily now. So that’s the message. This is for us to tighten up anything, to play with great intensity, improve our seed or to solidify our seed possibly.”

Calipari said he had “absolutely drilled” Skal Labissiere in practice because he did not have solid practices.

“Like, ‘You are not doing that. You will not start. If you think you’re doing that, your butt will be right back on that bench.’ Before he let go of the rope he grabbed right back on to it again. So, he’s trying,” Calipari said.

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