Calipari admits Thomas Bryant was better than he thought

Q. Cal, Thomas Bryant had 15 of his 19 points in the last 7:32 including 10 in the last 5 minutes. How difficult was he for you guys to stop? Did he do anything differently than you’d seen on tape?
JOHN CALIPARI: Let me say this: I spent a lot of time recruiting him. He was right down the street from us and the biggest thing I want to tell you is his family should be proud of how much better he’s gotten. Tom and the staff have gotten a kid that I really liked, I thought was really good. I’m going to be honest, I didn’t realize he was that good.

Tom saw something that I’m like, well — and we spent a lot of time recruiting him and he was on our campus. He made every play and then made those trows after missing one. You think about a young player like he is making that play. I thought from the beginning of the year until now he got way better in pick and roll defense now we still got by him and did some stuff.

But I tell you, early in the year it was a struggle for him. The kid has worked hard. He’s deserved everything that’s coming his way right now and the staff did a great job with him.


  1. How much of a lack of front court development all year is directly on Kenny Payne? He might be a good recruiter but a candidate for a HC?

  2. Mike if you can do better maybe you otta ask Cal to hire you. I hate when people runs there mouth about our staff or players.

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