Butler coach’s mom a life-long UK fan and has “great respect” for Tubby Smith

Butler coach Chris Holtman is a native Kentuckian and  will send his team against Texas Tech and coach Tubby Smith in the NCAA Tournament Thursday in Raleigh. During his media conference today, he was asked about Smith:

Q. Coach Holtmann, you’re a native Kentuckian and Tubby Smith obviously had great success with the Wildcats there. Have you crossed path was him at all? And were you a Tubby Smith and Kentucky fan growing up?

CHRIS HOLTMANN: You know, Tubby Smith is my mom’s second favorite basketball coach. I think she — and he’s her favorite Kentucky basketball Coach. She has great, I think respect — anybody that has been around Coach Smith has great respect and admiration for who he is, and I’ve not got a chance to spend a whole lot of time with him. In Puerto Rico, we crossed paths a little bit and had a conversation, but, you know, my mom is a life-long Kentucky fan, as is my family, and she still listens to every single Kentucky game. As a matter of fact, if Butler and Kentucky are playing at the same time, she’ll watch Butler and listen to Kentucky.

She’s got a great, as does my family, a great respect for Coach Smith, as do I.


  1. Tubby Smith had a good record at UK.
    I was surprised by an Athletic Director of an ACC University when he told me Tubby Smith submitted his application to their university during his first year as UK Head Basketball Coach.
    I’ve been a UK BB Fan for 65 years now. Maybe all the coaches or many of the coaches do that but it didn’t seem right to me at the time.
    Anybody know if this is a common practice or Tubby Smith wasn’t all he seemed to be for UK.

    1. It happens a lot Claude

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