Avery Johnson says Ulis, Murray can do it all


NASHVILLE — Watching Jamal Murray and Tyler Ulis combine for 40 points in Kentucky’s 85-59 win over his team just left Alabama coach Avery Johnson even more impressed with the UK backcourt.

“I‘ve seen them three times this year, and obviously, I’ve seen a lot of players at the next level. So those guys, they’re next-level players,” Johnson said. “They know how to play well off of each other.

“They both can pass, dribble, and shoot. I know that sounds really simple, but when you can pass, dribble, and shoot and you really don’t have many weaknesses, you don’t know whether to force them left or force them right, they can go both ways, they can make the midrange game, they can shoot the three, they make their free throws, they can pass it, high basketball IQ.

“So outstanding backcourt. Definitely the best in the country, in my opinion.”


  1. Thank you Coach Avery. Wishing you and your team the best. Hope Bama makes the tournament,

  2. I think Alabama is going to be really pleased with him as a hire. He is a class act.

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