A look at who is on NCAA selection committee

Several of you have asked me who the members of the NCAA Tournament selection committee are. So I looked it up and here is the list:

Joseph R. Castiglione
Committee chair and director of athletics at University of Oklahoma

  • Joe Alleva, director of athletics, Louisiana State University
  • Janet Cone, director of athletics, University of North Carolina at Asheville
  • Tom Holmoe, director of athletics, Brigham Young University
  • Mark Hollis, director of athletics, Michigan State University
  • Bernard Muir, director of athletics, Stanford University
  • Bruce Rasmussen, director of athletics, Creighton University
  • Peter Roby, director of athletics, Northeastern University
  • Jim Schaus, director of athletics, Ohio University
  • Kevin White, director of athletics, Duke University


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  1. well, UNC, LSU, MS, and puke….no wonder

  2. I happened to hear this Castiglione guy during an interview he did with ESPN on the topic of his groups selection process. He’s a hard man to judge since he uses political speak and seems to be very good when using it. He spoke for four minutes and said absolutely nothing but did transcribe an almost perfect circle. He should be perfect for the job. He can out-Hillary the old, wrinkled girl.

  3. So the Duke AD, as well as the former Duke AD (Joe Alleva) is on the committee. That answers some questions why Duke got the dream draw in the easiest region.

  4. Castiglione’s reasoning was as outdated as the metrics the committee used. Glen Logan has an excellent write-up over on A Sea of Blue today, entitled The RPI Must Die. His reasoning is very sound and that is apparently the only metric that the NCAA Committee used. I looked up A&M’s losses and we beat every team that that they lost to at least once (Alabama we beat 3 times) except for Syracuse but we did not play them. So we had 11 wins compared to their 2 wins over teams to which we lost. So Castiglione’s reasoning to ESPN about placing A&M as a 3-seed and UK as a 4-seed was flawed when he said UK had some bad losses and A&M did not against the same teams. I am not a “numbers” person, but that did not even pass my eye test before I looked it up. I am a “play by the rules” kind of person and things like this drive me crazy. I have a sign behind my desk at work that says, “Welcome to my world, gray areas do not exist.” In other words, it is either right or it is wrong and, if it is wrong, I cannot be talked into thinking it is right. Guess you are thinking that I am just about as much fun as a stick in the eye about now…well, maybe so, but I was raised with a set of values that have guided me for over 50 years and I know when someone is blowing smoke…Castiglione was certainly doing that on Sunday. I think the NCAA should get folks on the committee who have actually watched a lot (which the committee obviously has not) or played basketball (again they have not) and then they use the metrics that are appropriate. Head over to A Sea of Blue on SB Nation for Glen Logan’s take on how that would work…he makes a lot of sense.

  5. I have written on these pages for years about the complete stupidity of the RPI system. Reliance upon it as some sort of real objective metric is the essence of stupidity. When that stupidity is stacked onto the subjective wire service polling, the result is as you see year after year.

    These clowns have no idea what makes a basketball team good, very good, or great.

    The cream will rise, of course, and as has occurred in most years, the most efficient teams will be standing at the end of this tournament. Efficiency is the metric that is both objective and valid.

    Time for the NCAA to dump its RPI and move into the real world.

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