SEC Tournament always a fun week for me

Today I got to see long-time friend Rick Stansbury, the assistant coach at Texas A&M. He's a Meade County, Ky., native. (Ryan Lemond/Verizon Photo)

Today I got to see long-time friend Rick Stansbury, the assistant coach at Texas A&M. He’s a Meade County, Ky., native. (Ryan Lemond/Verizon Photo)


NASHVILLE ā€” There’s just nothing better than being at the Southeastern Conference Tournament when it is in Nashville.

Kentucky fans have already taken over Nashville and the Cats don’t play until Friday night. Look anywhere around Bridgestone Arena, and blue is the dominant color. Look anywhere in the downtown area, and blue is the dominant color.

It has made for a fun week for me already.

Since Tuesday, I have been talking UK basketball and SEC Tournament with Tim Estes of WPBK (102.9 FM) in Stanford at 7:15 each morning and Doug Fain of WNJK (105.9 FM) in Nicholasville at 7:30 and will do that through Monday.

I have also been posting as normal on as well as working on next week’s column for 30 papers across the state. Also check out for stories I post there.

Plus, I am providing features for four terrific newspapers — Henderson Gleaner, Somerset Commonwealth-Journal, Ashland Daily Independent and Glasgow Daily Times.

This weekend I get to join the Cameron Mills Show on FoxSportsRadio 1580 out of Lexington and then will be with Ryan Lemond for Sunday Morning Sports Talk on WLAP (630 AM) out of Lexington from 9-10:30 a.m. If UK is playing in Sunday’s title game, the show will air live from Tin Roof at 316 Broadway in downtown Nashville. That is also where the Mills show will be broadcasting from Saturday morning from 10 to noon.

I’ve already heard from a lot of Kentucky fans here, and hope to see a lot more, as well as a lot of other people that I often see only during SEC Tournament time. Tonight I am going to hear J.D. Shelburne perform at 7:30 CST at Puckett’s Grocery in downtown Nashville.

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  1. Yeah but tell us what you do in your spare time Larry.šŸ˜šŸ˜

    1. Poi would be great. And this work is my rest

      1. I’m really happy things are working out for you Larry. There was never a doubt in my mind.

  2. My theory on the UK fan dominance at sec tournament time, be it in Nashville or any place else, is that the rest of the sec, generally speaking, could really care less about a basketball tournament that UK normally dominates in both crowd size and play. The sec is and always has been a football first conference. It will remain so. Go Cats!!

  3. Dang……Larry when do you sleep? LOL


    PS: Wish I was there….I’d bring you some poi !!!

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