Murray insists bow-and-arrow celebration was not scripted

Murray bow and arrow

Jamal Murray likes the bow-and-arrow celebration after a 3-point shot. He will become only the third Wildcat with 100 3-pointers in a season with the first one he makes in Nashville. (Vicky Graff Photo)


Kentucky freshman Jamal Murray took time Monday to explain his unique bow-and-arrow celebration after he hit a 3-point shot against LSU and then shot teammate E.J. Floreal, who was then revived by teammate Mychal Mulder.

“It wasn’t really planned out, honestly. It was just kind of like next time I hit a shot, shoot at them all. So then I shot the ball right in front of the bench and it just happened. It just played out that way,” Murray said.

He said the bench players, not him, were responsible for what happened after he pretended to shoot the arrow at Floreal as he has at other times this seaosn.

“That was them,” Murray said.

Mulder confirmed that was indeed correct.

Calipari was not amused after the game because was late getting back on his defense and his  man shot an open 3-pointer — that he missed.

How mad would Calipari have been if that shot had gone in?

“I would have came down and hit another 3,” Murray said.

Murray says he likes the bow-and-arrow celebration because it is unique.”

It’s just something that came to mind. I really don’t know. It was just a thing that worked out for me,” Murray said.

A Kentucky fan saw Murray buying a Nerf bow and arrow and posted a picture on Twitter. He said he actually already had one and was buying for his dad and brother.

On a fan taking a picture of him buying a Nerf bow and arrow …
“I already have one. I already have one. Those two were for my dad and my brother.”

“I think they’re just kind of cool. I had them long before that picture. I still play with them in the Lodge and stuff, but that was just for my brother and my dad to take home,” Murray said.

Sounds like a future Nerf endorsement deal to me.


  1. Flat out loved it. BB at UK is stressful. Ask Skall. Or any other player the BBN deems unworthy. They are having fun. I say great enjoy it.

  2. We loved Jamal Murray when we first met him at the Women’s Clinic. He has only enhanced our good feelings toward him.

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