Willis says he’s good to go; Calipari looking for Novacaine for media session


Willis rebound“I haven’t seen him yet.”

That is what Kentucky coach John Calipari said Friday when asked about the health of both Marcus Lee, who missed the second half of Thursday’s win over Tennessee with a sore back, and Derek Willis, who said after the game that both knees and an ankle were hurting.

“Obviously, you want to have a full team, but you go with who’s there. I mean, Marcus went out and we played better. Next man up. That’s what we’ve done. I walk in the locker room, ‘Alex (Poythress) can’t go today.’ ‘What?’ I walk in the locker room, ‘Isaiah (Briscoe) hurt his ankle in the warm-up line.’ ‘What?’ Next man up. That’s how we do it here,” Calipari said.

Dominique Hawkins has also been out with an ankle injury after breaking his hand earlier in the year. Calipari said it was all just “normal wear and tear” for a team.

Finally Willis walked by where Calipari was talking to the media and the coach asked him how he was doing.

“Oh I’m good, I’m good,” Willis said.

“There you go, so he’s good. They asked me and I said I hadn’t seen you yet,” Calipari said. “Look at his body. You’re like getting muscles! Oh my gosh, he’s got bumps in his arms. Rob (Harris), you’re doing a heck of a job with him. Look at his back, he looks like a swimmer!”

No other update was given on Lee.

Calipari’s team is now alone in first place in the SEC for the first time this year going into Saturday night’s game against Texas A&M less than 48 hours after the Tennessee game ended. Texas A&M has been off since Tuesday.

But Calipari was his swaggy self today.

Who might Derek Willis guard at Texas A&M?  
“The guy with Bermuda shorts and black socks,” the coach said.

Was he happy to see the media today?

“Yeah. I was excited when he told me ‘You know you have media today?’ Ah. Looking for Novocaine,” Calipari said.

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