Will Kentucky have official Doug Sirmons again this season?

Vicky Graff Photo

Could John Calipari see official Doug Sirmons again Tuesday? (Vicky Graff Photo)


Remember referee Doug Sirmons?

If you are a Kentucky fan, it’s likely you remember him well for ejecting Kentucky coach John Calipari early in UK’s win at South Carolina earlier this month.

It was just 2 1/2 minutes into the game when after a foul called on South Carolina, Calipari said something to Sirmons that drew a technical foul and that sent the coach into a tirade.  It took five players and assistant coach Tony Barbee to keep him away from Sirmons.

So guess who I have heard is scheduled to be part of the officiating crew when UK plays at Florida Tuesday night? None other than Doug Sirmons.

Could that change? Sure. The SEC could alter the schedule and switch Sirmons’ assignment. However, would that set a dangerous precedent for the  league to take an official off a game because he had a problem with a coach.

Plus, Calipari apparently is not the only coach who is not a Doug Sirmons’ fan. Former Tennessee head coach Buzz Peterson tweeted this after the Calipari ejection:

“What Doug Sirmons did today is absolutely embarrassing to college officiating. He has a short fuse and coaches for years have complained. To toss a coach out in less than 3 minutes is Ridiculous.”

So just stay tuned to see who turns out to be on the officiating crew when UK plays at Florida Tuesday night.


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  1. How could anyone even think such a thing….lawd help us. he’s not an SEC ref so hopefully not until the 64 partner dance and even then I’m hoping not. Maybe we should all be praying.

  2. oh, man, it just sunk in, he could be there Tues? I heard he was not an SEC ref…can someone delay his plane Tues?

  3. Unfortunately, LindaS, both Doug Sirmons and Pat Adams are SEC officials. I would rather see Sirmons at Florida than again in the NCAA tourney. We have seen him at least 3 too many times recently for my taste though (twice this year and against Wisconsin last year–I got a stabbing pain in my stomach just from typing that).

  4. I believe the SEC wants him to ref that game and every UK game for that matter. Don’t forget he was part of the crew at Kansas when they shot 47 free throws. No one has ever shot that many in Rupp if that tells you anything. And that was 25 more than UK got. That doesn’t sound like they’re calling things the same both ways.

    I’ll say it until it happens – UK should leave the SEC. Then they’ll see how much money their basketball teams bring in.

  5. I have no faith in this clown. No one wants any favors , no one wants it all one way , if you commit a violation then call it—- just call it fair. If UK big men are hamstrung again on iffy to blatant bad calls , their has to be steps taken. Wish I had a clue as to what they were. Investigation as to if he is taking money or gambling or something.

    1. Again, remember the schedule could change. Just going on what I was told and sure hope it is not true. Would be a mess

  6. The Odome is tough enough to play in without having to fight the Zebras also. I don’t know what it is about SEC refs, but it is a fact that the SEC is the toughest major conference to play on the road in the country. This was recently pointed out by Jay Bilas, and I don’t believe this is the result of home crowds. The only time most of the Sec schools sell out is when UK comes to town. Case in point, Vanderbilt. The last time they had a sellout was in 2014 when the Cats played in Memorial.

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