What does love mean? Let first-grade students explain


My granddaughter, Savana Hudson, knew hugs meant love to her. (Larry Vaught/Verizon Photo)

My granddaughter, Savana Hudson, knew hugs meant love to her. (Larry Vaught/Verizon Photo)

As I noted earlier when I left the newspaper and ventured out on my own, my blog sometimes would be about more than just UK sports.

This is one of those times — and I hope you appreciate why.

Kim Cloyd is a first-grade teacher at Stoner Creek Elementary in Mt. Juliet, Tenn. She recently asked her students as part of a writing project what they thought love meant.

My granddaughter, Savana Hudson, is part of that class. Her response: “Love is when you hug.  My family they will hug me back.  Love is when you hug your friend and they hug you back.”

How about that? Forgive me for admitting I loved it.

But here are responses from her classmates that I hope you enjoy as much as I did as you take a break before Saturday’s SEC showdown for UK at South Carolina and Sunday’s Day of Love, Valentine’s Day.

Sophia: Love is when you get a feeling, a happy feeling. It is when you get butterflies.

Eden: Love is how maybe like friends.  Love is how you are happy.  Love is amazing.  Love is the best. 

Hayden:   Love is a good thing.  Love is when people get along.  Valentine’s Day is about love.  I love Ms. Cloyd.

Gavin:  Love is something you feel  when you love somebody that’s in your  heart. 

Tristan:  Love is when you kiss. Like if you kissed somebody, that is love.  I’ve been kissed so I know what it feels like.

Addesyn: Love is caring about people.  It’s also loving each other.  Love is something sweet like a kiss or a hug.

Liam:  Love is when someone likes someone a lot.  Love could also mean liking your BFF’s a lot, same with family.  Love is very good to have.

Millie:  Love is loving your family and friends.  It’s also very nice to people in your family.  It’s also sharing and loving and helping family.

Tayla: Love is all you need and also you are.  I love my dog.  I love my mom very much.

Jackson: Love is like when you like someone very much.  For example, I love pizza.

Emily: Love is when someone hugs you.  Love is like when someone kiss you.  Love is when someone really loves you.

Jonathan: Love is when you like somebody and when somebody gives you and hug and when somebody gives you a kiss.

Maddie: Love is my family.  They are so sweet.  They are so beautiful.  They like to play games with me and watch tv with me. 

Eli: Love is you’re caring for someone or something.  An example of love is like you really care for that thing or person.

Olivia: Love is my family.  Love is important.  Love other people that you love.  I love Mrs. Cloyd, Joy, and Mrs. George.

Michael: Love is something  that you  need but it means to love something that is very important like God.  You need love.  Now remember, love is very important.

Nella: Love is about someone you love, like I love Ms. Cloyd and Joy.  That is about love.  It is fun to love someone together.

Katey: Love is when you like someone.  If you think someone is cute, which I don’t.  Love is love.

Justin: Love is when people help others.  When people help each other.

Noah: Love is when you help other people and when you be with someone when they are lonely.

Vanessa: Love is when you like someone.  If you think that he likes you back then you will help him and he will have to hug you.

Elijah: Love is for dogs, moms, dads, cats, Joy and kids, your meme, your cousin.  It can be for any kid that likes anyone.



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