Vanderbilt players felt they wore down Kentucky


Matthew Fisher-Davis, who had 20 points for Vanderbilt in Saturday’s 74-62 win over Kentucky, said the Commodores had to outfight UK to win.

“We knew coming in that to beat Kentucky you have to beat their mentality. We had the pieces coming in, we could beat anyone in the country if we feel like it, we just played hard and came out with the victory,” said Fisher-Davis.

Jeff Roberson had 16 points and eight rebounds for Vandy and he thought his team wore down Kentucky.

“It was about the defense, just getting consecutive stops and getting the crowd into it. We had multiple things to worry about, and once they got tired we took advantage of it,” Roberson said.

It was his first win over Kentucky.

“It felt good, especially since they’re at the top of the conference. It was a good win for us,” Roberson said.

Fisher-Davis felt the same way.

“Kentucky has pretty much been the standard in college basketball. It’s a great feeling,” Fisher-Davis said. “The fans were loud and great and into it the entire game.

“There were times we were tired out there, and they gave us the energy to keep pushing forward. I think their energy helped to wear down Kentucky. I didn’t even hear people who were wearing blue.”


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  1. seriously, where did they get the first clue? Fouls didn’t help, lack of inside shooting didn’t help….oh well. I’m still Blue to the Bone.

  2. I hope we meet them in the SEC tourney. You can bet the result won’t be the same. We were undermanned and had basically 2 scorers.

  3. Larry
    I’ve said this before about Vanderbilt’s home floor.
    It seemed too obvious again this year.
    It’s the only floor in the country that has coaches at the ends of the floor.
    Stallings is used to it , visiting coaches don’t have time to change their communication to their players.
    Now I noticed the posts holding the backboard and goals is now a wide double post arrangement. No one else has this they all have a one post support system.
    What difference does that make?
    It is harder to hold the backboard at a steady position.
    I believe the goal at the Kentucky bench end of the floor was off.
    Vanderbilt shot poorly on it.
    Then the second half Kentucky shot poorly on that same goal except for Murray.
    Why not Murray? He shoots a very high arching shot.
    I’ve never seen Ulis shoot that poorly. Ulis has the best feel for a basketball floor and goal than any player I can remember, but he was off. Or was he? The goal was off.
    This comes to mind when I think back to the Bob Burrows team. They stopped the game and said the goal was off. They brought out ladders and measured the goal and it was off.
    If I were the Athletic Director I would ask for the Vanderbilt home games to be played at The Bridgestone, until Vanderbilt sets up a playing court like EVERY other school in the NCAA.
    I’m sure a lot of the BBN thinks I’m too old to have valid opinions about basketball, but each time UK plays on the antiquated Vandy home floor I revisit the topic.

    1. Great post Claude and I remember you telling me this before. Words of wisdom that continue to be accurate
      Always nice to hear from you

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